Monday, October 24, 2011

The Villa's sealing

What a beautiful day we had with the Villa's when they went to the Temple to be sealed as a family. Susana, Daniel, Daniel Jr., Branden, Cody, and Sam. I love the Villa's.
Susana's mom is here in this picture.
Some of us who went with them to the temple. Steve and Mariela Downing, Katie Mackey, the Villa's and us, Ruth Schultz and Jennifer Smith.
At the Villa's home, Wes Watson, Julie Fredrick, Jewel & Mike Stapley.
A couple families they have known for a very long time and Susana's mom.
Daniel with a lot of pizza. Brad Fredrick is in the back.
Brad Fredrick, Daniel Sr., Cody and Debby Colebeck. We all ate a lot of pizza and it was so good.
Delwyn and Susana.
Steve and Mariela Downing and their daughter and Steve's parents.
Cody, Branden and Susana.
I had to take a picture of this cake. It is a lache cake. There are 3 different kinds of milk in this cake and it is very moist and good. We had these in Spain.
Cody with the cake.

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