Friday, October 14, 2011

South Rim of the Grand Canyon

We have been to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon many times, but we have never really gone and looked around at the different look out points. So this year after we had our RV repaired after the hail storm we decided to take it and make sure everything worked and go see the South Rim. This is a picture of the sidewalk behind all the building on the rim. This walk overlooks the rim itself.

I enjoyed the formations here at one of the points.

Looking down over the rim. I took many pictures, but only put a few in here.

At one of the look outs we could see Indian Garden really well.

Starting of the switch backs from Bright Angel.

This is a really good picture to see how the switch backs go. When you are walking up, it seems so much closer to the top. But by the time you've done all the switch backs, it is a long way.

You can see the South Rim from a little distance away.

You can't see the Colorado River from to many places on the top and this is a good one. There really is a river down there.

The trail going to the river.

Delwyn at Hermits Rest look out.

A little hut I had to put in so you could see me!

Delwyn by the huge fireplace at the lodge at Hermits Rest.

In our camping area there were 11 elk that came to visit us. They certainly didn't seem to be afraid of anyone. There were a lot of people taking their picture and they just walked around like they owned the place.

A cute little squirrel. We saw many of them. They too were not afraid of people.

And of course, the mules on the south rim. They don't smell well. There are a lot of flies around them also.

More of the switch backs from the other side of the mountain.

This is a picture of Tonto Plateau; part of the trail across the canyon.

A bigger picture of the great Grand Canyon.

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heidi said...

gorgeous! wish I could go next year!!