Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Belnap reunion 2011

This is a good picture of Grandma Belnap. She is 92 years old and very active. With Delwyn by her side. This is what we do best, sit around and visit.
Jennifer Likes. I so enjoyed our time at their home in Boise. This lady is one talented girl and a hard worker.
Kurt and Shannon taking their turn in cooking dinner. Jocelyn on the left with Sydney and Vicky all helping. We never went hungry and there was always plenty of really good food.
The little guy is Braylon, Jennifer Likes baby. BJ's little Ashton.
Ty, Joline and Anna Belnap enjoying the shade.
The eldest of all the children, Rey and Deaun Belnap. Deaun is always busy doing something with her hands. She does really good work.
Elaine Belnap and her son-in-law Rex Hammond.
This is Nathan, Rex and Windy's son and his daughter Brielle with his wife Tera who has since given birth to their daughter Kira Elaine. Also Wendy on the right.
Jennifer Likes and her children. BreAnna, Braylon, Mason, and Tyson. Lee, her husband, wasn't able to make it to the reunion.
Westin Harper, Dan and Christa's young man.
BJ's Kennadee, Leslie's Phoebe and Ty's Anna enjoying each other.
On the left is Carter Harper, Anna Belnap and Gabriel Cook. They sure enjoyed themselves.
Leslie Jackson Cook and her family. Oldest to the youngest, Damon, Sydney, Adrianna, Phoebe, and Gabriel. Steve had to work and wasn't here.
Chow time, Sandra with the spoons in her hands and Sydney, Mason, and Adrianna.
Looks like Lynda is reading something the Gene.
BJ and his family. He is holding Ashton, and RaeAnne and Kennadee.
Vicky loving on Anna.
Everyone in line to eat.
Christa with some of her kids Westin on the left and Kaycee holding Carter.
Mom and daughter, Jennifer and Shauna.
Kurt and his family, Shannon, Jocelyn and Skyler.
I love this picture of Dennis and Sandra Jackson. Skyler in the background.
Blair, Vicky and Tristen Belnap.
After the Belnap reunion, we stopped by to see Edna and Ray's new home they are building in Elkridge, Utah. It is really going to be nice.
A view looking kind of South West from the back of their home.

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Flo said...

wow Edna and Ray's home looks awesome!
And it was so good to see everyone, makes me miss family like crazy!