Thursday, October 20, 2011

2011 Hitchcock Reunion

The line up of Kim Williams, Danette and Tom and Jeri and Karlen.

Wendy and Rick Roth and Becky and Bret Williams.

Nilda, Laura, Jason with his mom Wendy.

What a better place to go for a reunion than to the mountains in Montana. It was beautiful as usual. The company was great and we all had a very resting and great time being together. We see Joyce and Troy Martinez enjoying getting ready for the family meeting.

Koreen is watching Duana's youngest Korbin. What a cute guy. Joyce is busy getting her numbers ready for the meeting. She is the family secretary.

The 4th of July we have family come up to see us. We are happy that they do come up to see us once a year. Joyce is in the background with Bret Williams, Brenda, Barbara Thompson's daughter and Danette with her back to us.

Kim Williams, and Jason Starkel by her.

Brenda, Dorthy Harris, Danette and Barbara Thompson on the far right.

We don't always sit around, but it was in between things. Kim, Koreen and Jamie with Delwyn and Clayton in the back.

Donnita with Jason Roth's folks, Wendy and Rick Roth. We enjoyed them for a few days with us. Brent in the back ground.

Laura Roth, Shawna Ball, Susan Hitchcock, Terry's wife, and Selso Morales in the back.

Jordan Hitchcock taking in the sun.

Nilda, Kim Starkel, her daughter Emilee and Erika sitting visiting at the table.

Sitting around after dinner is Ramon, Karlen, Jeri, Bill Harris standing and Jordan in the back. Life can't get any better than being with family you haven't seen in a year and it was longer for us because of our mission.

Tony Martinez with his son-in-law Trevor Hill. It was great to get to know them more.

Celso and his boys, Kober, Devin and Korbin

After the reunion, we headed to the Belnap reunion. This picture is just out of Lincoln. It is so pretty up there. I'd love to have a summer home there if it wasn't so far from all the kids.

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heidi said...

I can't wait till I can go to a reunion again, miss everyone!