Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Trip to St. Johns to see Elder Raban

On the 24th of July weekend this year, we went up to St. Johns, AZ to see one of our much loved and appreciated Elders, Randall Raban. We had such a fun time. He showed us his families horse ranch. I loved it there. Horses could very well be one of my best memories when I was growing up. The Raban's had many beautiful horses. Not like our old plugs back home. But I still loved them. This is Elder Randall Raban with one of his horses and also Delwyn.
The horses kept following me around and Randall said they like you. I told him that is because I like them.
The day before the big rodeo, the Raban extended family had their own rodeo in their corral. They even had bleachers for us to sit on. They were so very good to watch closely so the kids wouldn't get hurt. They wouldn't let the calf go to fast so they held it back by the tail.
He wasn't going to let that sheep get him off. Good job!
This is Randall holding the tail. I'm afraid the calf got the better of this rider.
The teenage girls even had their time. Some of them weren't quite sure if they wanted to do it or not.
This is a better picture of her.
Ride um cowgirl!
This guy really didn't want to at first, but they talked him into it and from then on, he had a blast. I think he must have done it 3 more times.
The kids were having fun and it was so fun to watch them.
This young lady got a frisky one, but she did great.
Here is the old cowgirl herself. It was so fun to ride them. I'm with my Elder Raban. I didn't have the best shoes on, but no problem, whats a few rub spots.
At first they asked if I wanted someone to lead the horse around the arena. I said, not thanks, and I ran her around the corral for awhile. I think they were a little shocked that I could do it. I showed then

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Flo said...

oh my goodness mom! i don't even remember seeing you ride a horse! how fun that you got to do all that, I'm glad you went!!