Friday, October 14, 2011

The last of our mission

Our last night in Barcelona! The Missionaries always go down to the Plaza Cataluna. These two Elders are Elder Lara and Elder Pynes.

Elder Roos
Hermana Stosich. She lives in Taunya Childers Ward
We are with President and Hermana Hinckley.
Two Sisters I can't remember their names, with President and Hermana and us.
Elder Oldroyd. He lives over in Mesa. Chad knows his parents. What a sweet heart.
Elder Johnson and Elder Corbitt. They were secretaries in the office.
Elder Croft
This man is the Ward Mission Leader in Barrio Dos.
Elder Abplanalp and Elder Harris

Elder Keller and Elder Cook
Elder Keller and a new Elder.
Elder , Elder Croft, Elder Oldroyd, and Elder McKinnon. Elder McKinnon was a fantastic singer.
Nanang at our little going away party after Church.
The Lunds, a sweet Sister who just joined the church, us and President and Hermana Hinckley
Hermana Lund gave us a going away dinner and this is President and Hermana with their son and his wife and boy. They were there visiting.
Our darling Hermana Lund and the feed she gave us all.
Carolina is Hermana Hinckley's helper in the Mission Home. I love her.
The Hadley's had us over to celebrate Kings day. This is the traditional cake that they serve. Inside it is a king and a rock. Who ever gets the king wins and who gets the rock has to do the dinner next year. I lost so they all said they would come down and see us and we will celebrate this again.
More of the floats at the Kings Day Parade.

Another picture of 3 Kings

We attended the parade for the 3 Kings. These are a few if the floats.

It is night now and this is a shot of the 3 Kings.
We went to the 3 Kings parade and it first started with the arrival of the Kings and all their royal people. There were many pretty flags they were carrying.

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heidi said...

way to go getting the last of your mission done. hey, you know, I really like your hair that dark dark brown color in all those night photos!!