Monday, October 24, 2011

First leg of our vacation in 6-2011

We drove to Flagstaff the first night. It was great not to drive so far the first day. Monday morning we got up and went to see Sunset Crater National Monument. We couldn't walk up to the crater because of the preservation of it, so we just took some pictures around it.
There is a lot of lava rock around the mountain.
This is on the trail around the crater.
It is amazing that anything even lives in all the lava rock.
It was really pretty around it though.
We are now driving past Bryce Canyon on highway 12. Delwyn has wanted to travel the road for quite sometime. It is very interesting. We are looking down from the top of a mountain looking down on the road from the mountain. We took it slow in the motor home.

On top of one of the mountains we stopped to try and get a picture of what is called "pigs back".
It is a road on top of a hill and on both sides of the hill was very fast drop offs. At one point while Delwyn was driving, he couldn't see in front of him because we were going up and then the road was about to go down. It was very scary because you couldn't see anything on the side and nothing but sky in front of you. It was very interesting, but we were glad when we could see the road in front of us again. This picture just doesn't do it justis.
Some of the landscape on the road. It was all very dry but worth the trip.
Our next stop was at Koreen's in Boise. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures of her beautiful home. But we did get a picture of the Boise Temple.
Some of our drive from Koreen's place.
I believe this should have been a picture with the Shoshone Falls blog. So very beautiful

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heidi said...

that's a different looking temple, very cool!!