Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This one is out of order, but it is on top of the fountain looking down. I think it is really pretty.
Saturday the 24th, we went with the Lund's and Hadley's to see some things here in Barcelona. This is the Arc of Triumph. I guess a lot of city have them here in Europe. I think the one in France is the original one. I thought I had one with the top showing, but I guess not. Sorry!
We also saw the Parc de la Ciutadlia (Park). It has a really nice fountain and pool in front of it. There was even a man in the back swimming in the pool. It was warm, but I certainly wouldn't do that.
This is a better picture of the top of the building by the fountain and pool.
The whole picture.

This huge elephant was there, so I had to get Delwyn's picture with it to show you how big that thing was.
We also went to the Parlament de Catalunya. This building is dated back to the 1100. I am sure that it has had some refurbishing done to it. It was a beautiful building. I didn't take pictures of all the rooms.
Elder Lund was taking a picture of his wife on the pretty stair case. Elder Hadley and Hermana Hadley were there also.
There were a lot of chandeliers in the building. I took a pictures of a some of them. This was in one of the main hall ways.

One of the Chandeliers in one of the rooms where they held their sessions.
We are always talking about the Lund's and the Hadley's, so I took a better picture of them so you knew who we are talking about. The two closest are the Lund's and Me and the Hadley's.
This is where we put our feet in the Mediterranean Sea. We had to do that so we could say we went in the Sea. I didn't take a close up, because there are a few ladies without tops on.

There were some gorgeous Yachts. That would make boating really fun. They were huge. This picture doesn't do them justice.


heidi said...

everything looks gorgeous and that elephant looks huge!!

Donise Price said...

I am so glad that you got to do this. It is just beautiful! The world is a wonderful place.

Teresa said...

Beautiful....I see that that blue sling is still your friend...Hope it is getting better.

Danette said...

It is all so beautiful! I love the pictures and you sharing these experiences with us!