Friday, July 9, 2010

We have arrived in Barcelona

We arrived in Barcelona on Wednesday the 30th about 3:00pm. We went to the office and then the Hadley's took us to their piso for dinner and a good night sleep. The next day we went to the real estate lady and she took us to a piso. The one we were looking at, over the inter net, wouldn't rent to us. We don't know if it was rented or they didn't want someone for just 7 months. After we saw the piso and liked it and we said we wanted it, they took us around a few places in town. This is a huge flee market down by the water front on the Mediterranean Sea. We thought this was so pretty, so we had our picture taken in front of it Hermana Lund is with us.
This picture is to show you how narrow the street is. It is used for a walk way now. Thousands of shops on both sides.

This is in front of a chapel. There were many geese there. I think they are pretty birds, so I took a picture.

This is a chapel. I don't know the name.

We went in side of this Cathedral. The glass windows were very pretty. They have so much detain in all their works.
We are outside of the Cathedral. They have a lot of scaffolding on the outside. They are either doing repairs or cleaning it.
This is the Palau de Musica, or Music Palace. We couldn't go inside but it is really interesting.

This is the same building on the corner. I wish the sun would have been on it.
This is a chapel we just stepped into off that narrow street.
This is just one of the statues.
This is the Christopher Columbus statue by the Sea.
I believe this is the Plaza Espana (Spain) down by the Mediterranean

Saturday night, we went to the Fountain Magic. It is quite pretty. Usually they have music and the colors change with the music. But that night, there was a concert down the street that must have taken precedence. But it was still very pretty.

More of the Fountain.

You can see some of the color in this one.

Sunday, the 4th of July, Hermana Hinckley had us over for dinner. She served BBQ beef and we had two different salads and fries. With a very good bar cookie that Hermana Hadley made.
From the top left is: President Hinckley, Hermana Hadley and Elder Hadley, Elder Belnap, Me, Elder Lund and Hermana Lund. Hermana Hinckley said I needed to be in this picture. She is so very sweet.

Here is a picture of Hermana Hinkley by President.
I'm bringing you all into our office here in the Mission. This is Hermana Lund at her desk.

Elder Bowers, Not a great picture of him. He must have said something as I clicked the camera.
Elder Atkin at the Presidents desk. He has been kicked out of his office. He is training a new secretary, Elder Parry and he took it over

Delwyn sitting at our temporary desk. I sit to his left. They plan on moving Elder Parry out in the main office area and we will take his office. We have caused some problems here.

Elder Lund in his office.
Here is Elder Parry and this will be our office when all is settled.


heidi said...

it looks like a beautiful new area and that you will be loved there too.

Nilda Noel said...

Very beautiful places. This gets me even more excited to go to Rome and see the old architecture. I keep forgetting you have this blog and haven't been on here for a couple months. Good to catch up on the pictures and put faces to the names from the weekly update. Love you both. I will write soon.

Monika said...

Every time I look at the pictures I'm amazed! I need to travel!

Maybe you guys have "caused trouble" there, but I don't doubt for a second you are "trouble" well loved! Miss you!

James said...

The fountain show reminded me of a program they used to put on at the old Desert Inn Hotel in Las Vegas. It was called "The Dancing Waters" and it was really beautiful--lots of different variations in the water patterns, the colors, and they did it to music.

Your new piso looks wonderful!

So sorry about your broken arm--hope it is doing much better now.

Love, Pat