Friday, July 9, 2010

Another batch going home!

The last picture of the Spain Bilbao Mission: These missionaries are the last ones to leave our mission. Back row from left: Elder McClanahan from Pinedale, AZ, Elder Frank, Elder Hansen,
Elder Castellon, Elder Nielsen, Elder Flory, Elders Blazian, Elder Anderson, Elder Holmes, Elder Ciccio, First row: Hermana Fitches, Hermana Bell, President and Hermana Clegg, Elder and Hermana Belnap. We didn't go home, but they said we were moving.
This is a picture of Taco Salad that we served for our last meal for those who were going home.
Elder Blazian is from California. Great missionary.
Elder Ciccio is from Italy. He is so very fun. That picture is deceiving, I don't have my arm around him. That is his arm around his back. He makes a party wherever he is.
One of my boys. I shouldn't say boys, but he is just like a son. Elder C. Hansen from Bluffdale, Utah. He was in the office for quite a while because he extended to help close the mission.

Elder Holmes is from Colorado and another son. He helped me all the time with the computer. I hope he understands how much he helped me. I so appreciated him.
These Elders were so tired after traveling all day and doing everything to get ready to go home. They were waiting for dinner to be served. Elder Castellon is asleep then Elder Anderson and Elder Nielsen.

Hermana Bell, what a great sister. She worked so very hard. I believe she was from Washington.
Elder Nielsen is from Wallsburg, Utah
Hermana Fitches was another favorite. She was in Bilbao for quite a while and we got to know her really well. She is from California.
Elder Flory is also from Wallsburg, Utah. He and Elder Nielsen were best of buddies growing up. They got their mission call the same day and they were both going to the Spain Bilbao Mission. So President put them together the last transfer of their mission. Great missionaries and men.
One more of my sons, Elder Anderson. He was in the office also and taught me a lot. He and Elder Strickland were my mentors.
Elder Plaskett is actually a new missionary in the Las Arenas area. I didn't have a picture with him, so now we do.

Sister Fe the Relief Society President bought pizza for all the missionaries that were going home and Natanal helped her bring it into the office. He is in the Branch. He and his brother spoke some English, so I tried to talk Spanish to him and they spoke English to me.
Elder Frank was also from Utah. We had fun with him. He always gave me a hard time when he ordered things. I made him wait for his stuff. Mainly because it took forever to get the things he wanted. I won't forget Elder Frank
Before the pizza came, they ate potato salad, ham cheese rolls, and vegie tray. The pizza took a while to get there and they were hungry. They still put away a lot of pizza even after eating this.
Just a picture of the potato salad, vegie tray and ham rolls.

One last day before the office was closed. Elder Hansen hard at work.

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heidi said...

looks like you have a lot of missionaries that have been good to you guys there and that love you, fun to see, thanks!