Monday, July 12, 2010

An interesting day!

Elder Harris's first assignment is in the Baleares Islands on the Island of Manacor. They are only allowed one suit case and a carry on. So he had to repack and just take what was really necessary. The Elders that have been there, was there coaching him on what he will need. Elder Atkin is the blond who has been there.

This picture should have been first. This is Elder Harris with President Hinckley just getting into the office. He was talking to Elder Belnap. He has been waiting for his visa for quite a while. He just arrived at the office. He is from New Mexico and is already fluent in Spanish. His mother, I believed, lived in the Colonies in Mexico.
On my way to the office, I fell on a tile that was broken and not even. It didn't hurt so much, but my attention went immediately to my shoulder. I didn't even hit my shoulder. I tried to stop myself with my hand. On my way to the office I just couldn't lift my arm. So we decided we needed to go to the Dr. I have a small crack in the bottom bone just under my socket. So I have to ware this sling for 3 weeks and I can't move my arm. I have to go back in 3 weeks to see how it is healing. I am on 600 Mg of Ibuprofeno which also helps the swelling. Ibuprofeno is ibuprofen in Spanish. What a face! This is taking me all day because I can't move my arm. I think we have had enough broken bones in the family for a while.


heidi said...

MOM! I can't believe you fell and broke your shoulder, I hope you are okay. I'm so sorry, no more falling and breaking bones mom and dad!!!

Monika said...

Ouch, Mommy! Not fun! I can't even imagine you not being able to move your arm for 3 weeks. Good luck with that!!!

Teresa said...

I with the more falling. HOly cow hope you do okay...I would look a mess if I couldn't use my right hand and arm to do my hair.
You look great....other than the blue sling =)

pat said...

This is a lovely blog.
Thanks for spending the afternoon with us.
Much love,
Tony and Pat

Danette said...

I hope you are feeling better! It has been a crazy few months health wise for you two! I'm so glad you have international insurance, but for the rest of your mission I suggest not needing it :-) Stay healthy! Love you!