Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Las Arenas Branch June 2010

Romero and Jenny. He was a counselor in the Branch Presidency. Jenny was the activities committee chairman. Jenny was the one who got me to make all the refreshments for the Night of the Branch. Estela is a darling lady who was always practicing piano before RS or Sunday School. She used the easy book, but she was really doing good.
We are with Estela again. In the back ground is President Del Malino, the 1st Counselor in the Stake Presidency.
The Young Women. Venessa, 1st counselor, Josalyne, Scarly, Me, Malissa and Eztibaliz the President.

This is a picture of most of the people in our Branch in Las Arenas. Delwyn is holding a picture that they gave to us when we left. We sure do love all these people. It was so hard leaving them. We are hoping the two on the ends of the front row get married. They were going together when we left. They have both served missions in the states.

The girl on the left is Neyla and recent convert that is doing wonderful, Delwyn, Scarly, Me, Scarly's grandmother Meriam and Anabell also another friend of Neyla that was converted. These two are wonderful. Since their baptism, many of their family in South America have been baptized.

This is with President Castellon and his wife Charo and son Piero with us. Piero served his mission in Boston. He spoke great English. We used him a lot.
We are with Julia and Liz. Liz was another recent convert that is really doing great. I wish they would give her a calling in YW. She is so very capable and willing.
Here we are with one of my YW again, Josalyne and Paula one of the Young Adults.
Blonca is here with us with Josalyne and Poula.
These two are getting married in the temple the 21st of August. Idoia and Soiartze.


heidi said...

sounds like a lot of great people, and that you'll be missed!!

Danette said...

Beautiful pictures and such great memories! You will be so glad in a few years that you have this all bloged with names! Love ya