Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Castle de Mont Juic

The second time we went to Mont Juic was successful. The first time, they had no electricity. We had to walk all around this area on the left. See the tower in the middle. That is where we got on the tram to go to the mountain.

Here is a cruse ship that was docked at Barcelona. We were right above it on our way up.

This is actually a better picture that shows our walk to the tower. We walked from about the middle of the bottom of this picture, which you can't see, all the way around to the far right of the picture. It was a nice day so it wasn't a bad walk. Walking is something we do a lot here.

Round abouts are very popular here. This is a large one down by the Sea. We over looked it on the tram. You can see many buses and taxi cabs, (they are the black and orange cars) going and coming to the cruse ships.

One of the hotels had this fun statue, so I got a picture of Delwyn with her.

Looking over the sea and the many buildings by the sea. I wonder if the tall ones are pisos. If they are, I'm sure they cost a bunch.

How would you like to be the captain of that cruse ship and park that thing in that small area. They must be really good navigators. Everything is so pretty and clean.
This is Hermana Julie Lund on one of the interesting trees here. So much of the root stump is above ground. All the trees down the row are the same.

On top of Mont Juic is a huge fort. The garden area around it is well kept. Very beautiful.

The outside of the fort and all the greenery around the walls.
Of course, all forts have to have a cannon around them.
More of the grounds.

On all four sides on top, we could over look the city and the sea. Delwyn and Elder Dennis Hadley. You certainly could see everything all around you.

We could actually see our piso from the top of Mont Juic. It is in the very middle. The building is like a 7. Ours is the top of the 7. If you can see the 6th floor on the far left, ours is the second from the left. We have orange shades. Our landlord is the one on the far left. His shades have sculpts on and ours don't. See if you can find us!
The side overlooking the Sea. Many cruse ships out there.

More of the sea and looking over the south part of Barcelona.
We are in front of a fountain up on top. Hermana Lund, Delwyn, Flo and Hermana Lana and Elder Hadley.
This statue reminded us of the family statue in Salt Lake.


Teresa said...

That was fun...what a beautiful area.
Thanks for sharing

heidi said...

wow, what a view and a gorgeous place. I might now where you are talking about for where your piso is. If I'm looking at the correct building it's the long building to the right of the building that says "Torre Catalunya". Am I right? But as far as which piso is yours that's a bit tough to figure out!! lol

Danette said...

Heidi did better than I did - I blew up the picture but all the windows look the same LOL!! Looks like you are in the heart of the city. Beautiful sites! So glad you share =) Love you!

Nilda Noel said...

Beautiful. And that was a Royal Caribbean ship. I think that was the size of ours too. They are able to pivot the ship...which was so cool to see. It is amazing how they can navigate them. You look like you are getting to see a lot of fun and beautiful things. Love and miss you.