Monday, July 12, 2010

We went to see Parc del Castell de L'Orenta (Park of the castel L'Orenta) They have a few ruins in it, but mostly it is a park. The first thing we came across were these little ponies. I think you are able to ride them. We didn't, however.
This is a picture of us because our kids like to see us. They have many benches for people to sit on. There are a lot of trails for people to run and walk on. We saw many runners. There are a lot of hills so it looks like a good work out trail. It remined me of Arizona, it was hot a dry. The country side is not near as green as it was in the Bilbao Mission area.
Hermana Lund standing in front of some of the ruins.

More ruins. This looks like maybe a jail or something.

This a pretty picture is looking at a hill that is behind our piso but from a different area. Also, we thought the pisos going up the hill was quite interesting.
This is the front of what I said was a jail. There were no windows in the place.
One more picture. Behind is the tower from the Monastery
I didn't get a good picture of this tree, but it is different shapes and limbs go in different ways, up, down and to the side.
After we were through the park, we went to the Baixada del Monestir. It is an old Monastery where nuns used to live. It has since turned into a chapel and a museum. There are many rooms with many different statues, books, trays, etc. Lots of things the nuns have collected through the years. It was built in the 1300's. So you can imagine how old things are.
This a picture of the chapel. We were there close to noon and people started coming in and we figured they were coming in for noon mass so we left. This has a lot of stained glass windows, but they didn't come through well.
These are some of the cars that are used by the Priests and other dignitaries there.
They are all very old expensive cars. This blue one is a Jaguar. They were in beautiful shape. I'm sure they would be very expensive today.

The Monastery is built around a beautiful court yard. This is one of the many statues.

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heidi said...

thanks for taking the pictures of the two of you. what amazing buildings and those cars.. wow!