Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seu Vella of Lleida

Some of the History of the Cathedral. I believe it was built in 1714.
We drove up most of the way to this huge place. We weren't sure at first where we were going, but we saw it as we drove into Lleida. It is a big Cathedral that was taken over by the army and turned into barracks and what ever else they needed it for. They did not take care of it while they were there and they destroyed many things. This is the entrance to the Cathedral.

I made Delwyn and Hermana Lund turn around so I could take a picture of them as we were walking in.
Looking back to see Elder Lund entering into the grounds.
The place was massive. It is built on a hill and you can see all around when you are up there.

I guess that is why the army took it over.
This is the bell tower. We walked up to the top and it was very high. There was only stairs in a small area to climb and the higher you got the narrower the stairs got. Just before you got to the top, there was only room for one person. However, on our way down, we met people coming up and we had to share the space because you certainly didn't want to turn around and start over. It was around 250 steps to the top. That might not seem like much, but I can tell you, it is a lot. When we got down, my legs would shake every once in a while. We thought we wouldn't be able to walk the next day, but we weren't even stiff.
This is a smaller city but a very pretty one. There are many fruit orchards out in the country.
The Elders told us it is the fruit capital of Spain.
On the left side of the building, this was one of the entrances but it was all closed up.

Some of the history. I like this so I can come back and remind myself of where we have been.
More of the beautiful city of Lleida.
Looking down from the tower to see how the building is set up. You can see the many different levels that were probably used for defense. You certainly could see who and what ever came near the place.
Delwyn on the very top. This is where we ended up after climbing up the many many stairs.
A hall in the Cathedral. On your left, there is a beautiful garden in the middle. I don't know why I didn't take pictures of it.

Hermana Lund is in the garden. In side the building right infront of us, there were around 18-19 huge rugs of tapestry. They were beautiful. Many of them were of the Biblical times. We couldn't take pictures of them, but I have a brochure with them all in there. They had a book showing how they were made. They were weaved and because of the intricate details, it surly took them years to complete just one.
As we were leaving the city, we wanted to see the Cathedral and how it stands out as you go into the City.


heidi said...

how incredible, it's amazing all these really old buildings.

Danette said...

That is all so beautiful!! I love it when you have someone in the picture at the cathedrals - it gives perspective on how huge they are!!! Also - you could try and take a picture of the brochure and stick that in the blog... if you want. That is amazing how old they are - I'd love to see them!