Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Going to see the evening lights

As we were walking, we saw this street with thousands of banners over it. Then we realized it was the opening game of Soccer here in Spain. Soccer is huge here. Even young kids are kicking the soccer ball around. They don't catch a ball with their hands, they use their feet and they are all very good at it.
A few weeks back I had a picture of the Arc of Triumph, but this is a better picture. This is where we watched the lights come on.
Before it got dark, this is what it looked like. See the walk way on the left, thousands of people must have walked, jogged, rode bikes, skate boards or whatever they wanted down this. It was fun to watch the people too.
It is getting darker and this is looking down at the Arc towards the city.
Looking the other way with the lights on. You can also see the moon. It was a full moon Saturday night.
Sunday, President and Hermana Hinckley invited us over to celebrate Hermana Hadley's birthday. We had fruit with 7up in it. It was really good. Elder Hadley had just had a really bad gull stone attack and she wanted something that he could eat. I thought it was great. We are in the Mission Home. Behind the President, you can see President and Sister Hinckley on the wall. The Mission Office is right under their place. The view out the window reminds me of Arizona.


Teresa said...

What a time you two are having...and to be serving on top of that =)
I know your kids must be very proud of you two.
Be safe =)

heidi said...

all those banners for the start of soccer! I wonder why the USA did end up having soccer be as big of a deal!

Danette said...

What a fun birthday treat! I loved the lights - it looks so beautiful!