Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our missionaries and Archie our friend

Archie is a very good friend in the Ward. He is so good to the missionaries. He fed us last Saturday at the Church. No one has ever seen his piso that I know of. He fed us rice, chicken and the best dish of noodles I've ever tasted. For dessert he served cut up fruit with a sweet milk juice on it. I loved it. That would be a good dessert to serve with company.
Here is Archie and Elder Bower. Archie is quite a ham. Everyone loves him. He showed us an article in the Church News about him and all that he does for the missionaries. The article was many years old. He was a convert about 25 years ago. He is from the Philippines.

Our group. The back left: Elder Parry, (Spelled right) Elder Bawers, Hermana and Elder Lund, Archie on the left Hermana Hadley behind me. Elder Southwick, Elder Raben. Archie calls Elder Southwick, Elder Northwick.
We cleaned Hermana Oliphant and Hermana Roerig's piso. Hermana Oliphant is from Utah and Hermana Roerig is from Oregon. We helped spring clean their kitchen but everything else was really clean. The kitchen was too, it just needed cupboards, and other areas wiped down.
Two very cute and fun Elders, Elder Naseath and Elder Keller. Elder Naseath is from Texas but came out from California. Elder Keller is from Salt Lake. They are in Lleida. The had cleaned their piso really great. I was able to help them in the kitchen and Delwyn did some repairs for them.


heidi said...

Archie looks like he's got lots of energy! how nice to have 2 easy piso's last week

Danette said...

FUN!! Does Archie share his recipes? Sounds yummy -- probably would have a hard time finding the ingredients - hehe ... Love you!