Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Visit to the Barcelona Aquarium

We were walking to the Aquarium and I wanted to show you how blue the Mediterranean Sea is. It is really clear too. Very pretty.
The enterance to the aquarium. They water all these plants with rain water that they have saved. In Las Arenas they wouldn't have to save rain water, but it doesn't rain as much here. Since we have been here, I think it has rain 3 times and each time they were really hard rains.
There is a huge aquarium in the middle of the whole thing. You get on a moving sidewalk that takes you all the way around. I wasn't supposed to have my flash on, but whenever I turned it off, it came back on for the next picture. I don't know why unless it was dark and automatically did it. So I tried to watch after that. This is a big shark. There were thousands of different kinds of fish, but not as fun as in the smaller aquariums.
Here is an eel coming at us. Sure glad there was a glass between us.
Here is a stingray. You can't see him very well, I though I had a better picture. Sorry!
The famous octopus. They are very fun to watch. They slither around with all 8 legs. With all 8 legs, they move very fast. I don't know if I'd be so coordinated.
Sorry, I don't remember what kind these are, but I like the many colors.
Same display as the top, but some different fish.
I think these are so very interesting. They are call dinosaur fish. They look like like a dinosaur too. They are pretty small one, however.
I had to take a picture of Nemo. He didn't talk to me. At least I couldn't hear him.

This picture shows a lot of coral. Most of this coral is still alive and moves around like it is in a wave. Plus that pretty little fish. I don't know his name.
Here are some jelly fish. There were so many in that tank, I didn't know how they moved around.
Here we are in all our glory. I'm not sure how that got between these two pictures. We are standing by a boat dock. The bridge slides in and out when boats come in. I don't know if they do it each time one comes in or if there is a set time for it to do it. While we were on it, it actually blew the horn and soon the bridge started moving out. They give you time to get off, and they close the bridge when they do it.
This is another type of Jelly fish. He looks like a mushroom to me.


heidi said...

that octopus give me the chills! whatever it is about them I don't like the look of them at.

Danette said...

I obviously haven't checked blogs in a few weeks! It looks like a great aquarium! with some cool fish!