Friday, March 26, 2010

Sigh seeing with Elders Holmes and C. Hansen

Last Saturday, our Office Secretaries invited us to go with them to see some sights around close here in Spain. Our first stop was at the Chapel of San Juan de Gastelugatxe. Or the Chapel on the Rock is what the Missionaries all call it. It was no short walk but very fun.
This is a picture of a cove by the Chapel that we walked by. There are so many pretty places here. How grateful we are that the missionaries take such good care of us.
We are starting our walk to the Chapel on the Rock.
If you look close, you can see the stairs up to the Chapel. Delwyn said they need to learn what switch backs are for. It was a really steep climb. I made it without any problems.
I took this picture to show you how the water has formed these rocks. You can't see very well, but the rocks have been formed with layers. Kind of a slate looking thing. It was very interesting. May be if you make it bigger you can see what I am talking about.
Here are our great Elders. Elder Holmes in the blue and Elder C. Hansen on the left. You can see the trail a little from this view. That is where we had just come from.
This is a better view of the trail. It doesn't look very steep, but it was. Especially after you crossed the part that looks like a bridge. Then the climb really started.
We made it to the top. The wind was really blowing hard up there. This was a quick picture of Delwyn on the top.
You can't see the bell on the top, but I am pulling the rope and ringing the bell. I guess you can rent this little chapel out for weddings. I don't know how many guests would appreciate the climb up to the chapel. But here they either dress very formal or not at all for that kind of a thing. But mostly they dress very formal. I sure wouldn't want to climb in nice shoes.
Another picture just off to the side.
They have a picture of the man that built the Chapel. San Juan Gaztelugatxe. That makes our names really easy.
Our next stop was Mundaka. They do a lot of surfing here. This is known for the long curl wave in the ocean by the beach there. In the back if you look really close you can see them doing wind surfing. Also, someone was fishing. When we do our nightly walk, people are always fishing. We've even seen a couple fish brought in.
Our last stop was Guernica. The Basque spell it Gernika. This is a very famous spot here in Spain. Franco allowed Hitler to practice bombing here because he wanted to solve the Basque problem they were having. Sweet man don't you think. The tree you see in the cage is the only living thing that was left after it was all over. It died a few years back so they took the tree and put it here to preserve it and they planted another in its place to keep the memory open.
We have to get our great Elders in front of the famous tree. Elders, Hansen and Holmes.
They build this museum here with many beautiful glass windows telling the story of what happened. It looks like a government building
This looks kinda like where the important people sat during their meetings.
Here is the ceiling. Huge glass window. See the tree in the back. That tree is very special here.
This is a very pretty office in one of the rooms. I'd like to have one in my house like this.
We took this picture to show you some of the trees here. This is right outside of the museum, but they have them all over down here. They prune them so they are hooked together. It is one continues tree, but many trees together.

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