Thursday, March 18, 2010

Office, Stake Conference Trip

Our busy Secretaries, Elder Hansen noticed I was taking pictures, so he gave me a big smile. Elder Anderson is busy on the phone and Elder Holmes on the other phone.
Here is Elder Holmes looking on the computer. They are always busy. I tell them to give me things to do when I'm not busy. They do when I can do it. So much is on the phone speaking Spanish.
Here is Dad hard working. His nice chair broke right after we got here so he just gets a plan old chair. But he never complains.
This is one of two real Chapels in our Mission. The other one is in Gigon. This is a picture of most of the members in our Branch in Las Arenas. The man in the front on the right is President Castillon. We are behind him on the right. The Secretaries are right behind us. The Sister standing behing our President is Loly. She taught me how to make Paella. It is a very truditional dish here in Spain. The one with shrimp with eyes looking at you plus their legs still on. With shell fish, chicken and rice. It is really good. Dad doesn't like the fish looking at him when he is eating. But it is really a pretty dish.
I wanted a picture of the Chapel from a distance.
Hi Del. We are all getting ready to get on the bus to head home.
Her are two of my mutual girls. The one on the left is Melissa and the one on the right is Jocelyn. Not the right spelling. Paula is in the middle. She is older. Paula would love to got to school at BYU. The darling little girl is Naiyala. Her dad was baptized right after we got here. He is on past blogs. His name is Ronald.
Here we are. Jenny is sneeking in behind us.
Here is Jenny. She is the Activities Chairman. She has asked me to make the refreshments for the Rama parties at the end of each month. She is really a nice lady. They have 5 children and her husband is 1st Counselor in the Branch Presidency.
We are on our way home. More pretty senery.
Not sure what I was taking this picture for. May by just the trees. Who knows
Wouldn't this be a pretty place to live? The homes are way different than ours.


heidi said...

fun to see all you people from church and a picture of you and dad together

Danette said...

What a fun trip!! It is so great to see all your friends in the branch! Mom - you did amazing! The post is perfect, no breaks between pictures - you did it!! way to go!!