Thursday, March 18, 2010

Santander and Sansebastian Trip

This is a picture of Elder Holmes on the right, Elder C. Hansen, the tall one and me and Delwyn at the very front of the entrance to the Christ Statue. I'll tell you more latter. I got this picture from Elder Holmes after I had entered my pictures. We were tired after hiking for about an hour. But it was sure fun and worth the work. It was such a perfect day for hiking.
On our trip to Madrid to the temple, we stopped on our way home at this hotel so everyone including the driver could have a break. I had to get a picture of it just for Alisa. It was dark, so you can't see much except the name.
Here is the picture of the Hotel Alisa, If you make this bigger, you can see the name better. But, Alisa, I did this just for you. Our family will appreciate it. Now you know for sure your name is Spanish.
Fun picture of the group at our Bilbao Zone Conference. We were finished and tired.
This missionaries are in the Bilbao District. Elders B. Hanson, Roldan, the Zone leaders, Harmana Patten, Sandoval and Elders Cepeda and Araya.
Here we are in the Las Arenas District: Elder Woods, Ashby, Delwyn, Flo, Elder Dredge our Assistance, Elder Ashby will be leaving us this next week, and Elder Holmes our Financial Secretary and Elder C. Hansen our (Show Man) Secretary. I'm not sure what that means. But that is what he said was his title. He actually does a lot with the residency cards, plus much more. They both work really hard and do such a great job.
Of Course, I have to get the Hermanas: Sandoval, Patten, Belnap, Clegg, Johns and Miskin. They are my sweethearts.
We are here on our Trip to Santander. We cleaned 2 pisos there. But I saw this flag of Spain and I needed a picture of it. The wind was blowing great so you can see the flag. This place is called Magdalena because that mean muffin. The land is a little peninsula that look like a muffin. They have many fun things on it.

Here are the seals. They were having a lot of fun. When every they would jump out, I'd try to get a picture, but it never worked. But I got all five of them in one picture here.
These 3 ships were something but we weren't sure so we called them the Pinta, Nina and the Santa Maria. Don't quote me on this. We were having fun.

Just a pretty picture of the ocean. It was pretty windy so there were some nice waves.

By the 3 sail boats, there was a Spanish House Boat. I'm sure it was a few years old though. Maybe 100 plus years. Pretty quaint.
As we climbed to the top of the hill we found this gorgeous Castle where the King of Spain and his family lived many years ago. I don't know what is in it now. This is the back of it. This must be the servants entrance.
The front, isn't this beautiful. I would have loved to know the history of this. This is another draw back in not knowing the language. At least they keep this looking very pretty. We could house all our family and their families and never see each other for a week.
Just off the coast there on the hill.
As we were driving home, we saw this light house so we had to get a picture of us in front of it.

Now we are in San Sebastian. We are only about 25 miles from France. This is a very beautiful Cathedral in San Sebastian. There is a parking garage under it, so we see it every time we go to San Sebastian. The parking here in Spain is next to nothing. So we take advantage of what ever parking we can find.
The famous Christ Statue in San Sebastian. This was a fun hike to the top. I did get my exercise that day. Which I needed.
San Sebastian is one of the most pretty cities here in Spain. It also has more to see than most of them. A beach in town.
As we were walking, I took this picture of this island. How would you like to live up on the top of that. I think if that was my house, I'd have made it much bigger. Maybe after the island, that was all they could afford. Actually, I don't even know if that is a house or not.
We are now on the top by the Statue of Christ. I took this picture because I thought it was so pretty. If you look real close, you can see the Cathedral where we left the car and walked up here. Not a small hike for this old lady. In the very middle you can see a black pointy building. That is the Cathedral.
More pictures of San Sebastian. You can see the Cathedral better here. I think the city is so pretty and clean. More modern than some of the cities.

We climbed up through the bottom of the Statue in a Chapel. It is more of a museum now.
If you can read this, you will know what this is all about. Someday, I'll be able to read this and I'll know too. That is why I took this picture.
That plaque was by this cannon so I think maybe it had to do with it in some way. There were many cannons around so this must have been some battle ground or fort of some sort. Wish I could tell you more.
Just more pictures to show you the city

Looking over the ocean.
I had to get this picture of Delwyn.

Here we are in front at the top of the Statue of Christ.
As we were walking down, the Elders locked us up. I'm glad they were able to get us out of there.
After we had come down from the hill, we passed by this Catholic Chapel. I just wanted you to see the detail that they put in these old Building. I think they are so amazing.
The front door and more detail.


heidi said...

it all looks so beautiful. again love seeing the pictures of you and dad together.

Danette said...

Wonderful!! Another perfect post! You both look amazing!

James said...

What beautiful places you get to go--love the scenery and the buildings. Isn't it fun to be in places that are so old and so beautiful!! Looks like you guys are having a great time!!!