Friday, March 5, 2010

Santiago Trip

Some of my favorite missionaries going home. What a great group of Elders. We will miss them so very much and the hard work they did while they were here in Spain. Elder Barber (he was in the office when we came into the mission. He is from Oklahoma. Elder Garcia from Tucson, Elder Johnstun from Washington state, Elder Harris from Sacramento, CA, Elder Alvarez from New Jersey. Del and Flo. Elder Alveraz has his new Spanish suit on. Looks good. Dad actually bought a new suit also.
This is just one of the many Pueblos here. They are all mostly in the valley by the mountains.

This is on the right side of probably the most famous Cathedral here in Spain. This is where St. Peter is buried. It is really beautiful. It really could use a sand blasting done to it and it would be so gorgeous.
This is the left side. In the back by the building with all the flags, a man was cutting wood with an ax. I thought, don't they have chain saws here?
Here we are in front of it. We look really bad. We just finished cleaning 2 pisos and we had to run up the hill because we were in such a hurry. It was 5:00pm and we had a 7 hr. drive a head of us.
I wish you could see the details on this Cathedral. Here in Spain, people walk clear across Spain once a year to do a pilgrimage to Santiago. They come to this Cathedral. You can see them walking as you drive down the freeway. They have a special trail just for that. They are much better than I would be. I'd drive.

This is just a Catholic Church by the Cathedral. I thought it was interesting. I wonder how old these building are? We didn't have time to find out.

We are climbing up the hill to the Cathedral. I was way behind, so I ran up. I can still do it. That is the Catholic Church in the back.

After we cleaned the Elders piso, we took the Elders and the Hermanas out for lunch. Pizza. It was really good. Not quite as good as the states, but good. We had BBQ and Pepperoni.
Hermana Maraza, from Spain, Elder Driggs, who I am related to. His grandmother is a Kuntz. They are from Driggs, ID. He now lives in Syracuse, UT, Elder McClanahan from Pinedale, AZ, Elder Belnap, Elder Holmes our Secretary who was helping us, from the office. and Hermana Calderon from Spain.
Elder Holmes didn't have a good picture in the last on. So I got a better one. He is the one on the left.
We were really close to the ocean when we were in Ferrol but couldn't get out of the car, as usual, to take a picture. So here is the best I could do.

I think the little farms or what ever they are, are so interesting. If you look close, you can see the divisions between plots of ground. They are made of bushes. I'd love to know why they do that.

This is a better picture of the ocean. In the very back, is part of the city.

This is a closer picture of the divisions of the land. To me, they don't have any rhyme or reason. But I am sure they do to the people here because, they all have them.
Elder Anderson, the one on the right, is leaving us. He has been one of the Financial Secretaries since we have been here. He has been very patient with me and has taught me a lot. Elder C. Hansen is the Residence, Reservation, Ticket purchaser and many other things here in the office. They are beating eggs for our farewell breakfast for Elder Anderson and Elder Ashby who is one of the assistance.
Elder Ashby, the one with his back to us is from Mesa. He is the Assistant that is going back out in the field. We will miss him. Elder Holmes is taking Elder Andersons place while Elder Anderson goes back out into the field, also. Then Elder Dredge our other Assistant. They love to eat, so Hermana Clegg puts them all to work. Make lighter work for us. Then Dad is looking on.


heidi said...

amazing cathedrals and beautiful country sides. it is interesting that they divide it with bushes, certainly different that what we do I guess in the US.

way to keep up the good work on cleaning, I'll be you'll be glad when you are done! Even if you don't mind doing it!

Teresa said...

What wonderful places and stories you have to remember and talk about.