Friday, March 26, 2010

Elder Holmes has this great tripot and timer, however, when he came running back, he tried to fall off the mountain right here. But we saved him. All is great and well.
Another pose of the four of us over the cove on the ocean.
We are on our way back down the mountain and Elder Holmes go a great picture of us.
We are almost all the way down. Then we had to climb up another mountain to get to our car. We got our exercise that day. I need to do that every day and it would be great.
We are almost to the top. Elder Hansen parked the car clear to the end of the parking area. But I made it. I had to give him a bad time.


heidi said...

way to get some exercise! glad no one fell off the clif! lol

Nilda Noel said...

Wow...some beautiful scenary! Good to see you hiking.