Friday, November 20, 2009

Trip to San Sebastian

While in San Sebastian we saw some fun thing. On top of the hill, there is a statue of Christ. Can't see very well, to far away.
One of the old Cathedrals there.

This is the largest one in San Sebastian.

Here we are in San Sebastian. These are the Elders from there. Elder Howard, Elder Strickland is one of our office missionaries, Elder Blazian, Delwyn, (Elder Belnap) Elder Nielsen, Elder Anderson the other office missionary, and Elder Crocker. They had a dump for an apartment, so we went there to help them get another one. It is really nice and they are sooooo excited. We are standing by the Bay.

This is one of the beaches we were by. Not to many people on the beach. It was a little bit chilly for me. I wouldn't want to be on the beach

We are looking out toward the ocean. San Sebastian is in the north east corner of Spain. It is about 20 min. away from France. So pretty.

These next few pictures are taken from the car to show you some of the views we saw on our trip to and from San Sebastian. This one isn't very good.

I wanted to show you the little sheep ranches. The little white spots are sheep. I counted the sheep and I never got any more than maybe 25 sheep. Small sheep ranches unless they have some some place else.

Sorry, car got in the way. Pretty country side.

More country side.

Sorry, our windows were pretty dirty.

Notice the trees. After they cut them down, they replant them. It is very interesting to see trees all in a row here. Maybe the states need to take a lesson.

More country side.

Some ranch homes.

More of the same. I think it is interesting how they terrace their farms.

Pretty mountains. The pictures don't do them justice.

Last Saturday, we went shopping. At this mall, they had a McDonald's. It is quite different than the ones in the states.

Here is a true picture of McDonald's in the mall. It is much more crowded than any other restaurant we have seen here in Spain. Except the bars at medio dia time. (Between 1:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon). They are full. So we stopped and had lunch at McDonald's.


heidi said...

it all seems so beautiful there! McDonalds looks so crowded, where do you even get in at?

Flo said...

There is a door or a walk in right on the left side. I didn´t get that in the picture.

Teresa said...

How fun...Thanks for thanking me on your trip with you. =)

Monika said...

What amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing. I LOVE the buildings! They're so cool to look at. I can't imagine how majestic they probably are in person. My kids were more impressed by McD's, though. :o)

Nilda Noel said...

Very beautiful. The water looks amazing. I'm sure it is fun to see all the old buildings in person. I love old places. I will write soon...I am behind on my goal of writing you every other week. I'm sorry.

Danette said...

Mom I'm SO PROUD of you!! You did a picture post and didn't have word wrapping! That is so wonderful! I love the pictures. It looks so beautiful - I am hoping that it will be cheaper to travel during the millenium (and that I'll be alive =) I think the farms are really cool too, but I wonder if you are so intreged by them because you will always have the heart of a farm girl =) Love you!! and I'm working on a letter.