Monday, November 30, 2009


Here are our Missionaries that we had Thanksgiving dinner with. Top, left to right. Hermana Fitches, Elder Nelson, Leon, Anderson hiding, Strickland, Rowley,Woods, Cepeda, Bottom left, Hermana Johns, Elder Gordon, Moore, and Ashby, (From Arizona)
Here are our hungery Elders, Strickland, Anderson, Ashby diving in, President Clegg at the very end, You can see Hermana Fitches, (She is the one that reminds me of Kylah. Next to her is Elder Leon and Elder Gordon. This is just before we started. Lots of food.

I got my first picture in to soon. But thats ok. Now Hermana Clegg is telling people where to sit, I think. Do those poor Elders look hungery or what. You can see my rolls. They turned out ok.
They are patiently waiting until all the pictures are taken. Elder Anderson, Ashby, Dad, President Clegg and Elder Cepeda.

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heidi said...

hope you had a nice thanksgiving, that's funny about you all having to find a turkey since they don't eat them till christmas, they probably thought these american's were crazy trying to get it so early!