Friday, November 13, 2009

My new post on Del's Birthday

This is my amiga and her daughter. We never know their names because they never tell us unless we ask. Then, I'm sorry, I never can understand them. Once in a while I'll ask them to write it for me. That helps. Next time I see this sweet sister, I'm going to do just that.

This is Elder Olds. He just left to go home. What a great missionary.

Hermana Fraga, Garcia, and Johnson. They just left for home also. Hermana Garcia was my daughter here. I love her. Such a wonderful missionary and she really make me feel loved and wanted. Hated to see her leave. But she needs to find her mate now.

This is Hermana Garcia. She didn't want to leave. She hid under my desk when it was time to leave. She lives in Madrid, Spain.

This is a picture we see every time we go to the Bilbao chapel. It is right off the Metro. I think it is so pretty with all the flowers. I love the landscaping.

We went to Leon, Spain with President and Hermana Clegg. This was our room. It is a mess now, but it is a very modern room and had a king size bed. That was so nice. Ours in our piso is so small.

This is a picture of the bathroom. Very nice. All bathrooms here are either tile or marble from floor to the walls. Easy to keep nice and clean.

The land around Leon is farm land. Now it has been harvested and ready to plant next spring. It is fall now and starting to get cold.

This is a small town we drove by. Very similar to all the other homes in Spain. Very neat and clean.

We are into the hills now. So pretty and green. This is how it is in Las Arenas where we live. Except, we live in town. We are right next to Bilbao. Like Phoenix and Glendale.

A lot of their farm land is on hills. They have to terrace then. They use all the land they can.

When the Perkins were here, we visited the Guggenheim Museum. Very interesting. We've decides they put more money into the outside and the inside leaves a lot to be desired. However, after a while of being in it, we really became more intrigued with it. I would love to go back when we had more time.

This is Del standing in front of it. Can you see the Frank Lloyd Wright sign? While we were there, they had a floor all about Frank Lloyd Wright. We enjoyed it because of his association in Phoenix.

This is a little park by the musium. I didn't get any pictures of the Perkins. I thought I had, but they are on the other camera and I don't have that with me now. Darn

Right in front of the Guggenheim. See the red bridge on the left. That is one of all the bridges here in Spain. They are all different and very interesting. We got lost once and that bridge helped us get found again.

We are in the back of the Guggenheim. See the steam coming out of the water. It was cold that day, but the steam was coming from something underneath it. Special effects.

A spider in the back. Many interesting structures here.

We are looking at it from the back. See all the different shapes!

More of its shapes.

This is the cute little (Big) puppy in front of the Guggenheim. We see it every time we go to the Bilbao Chapel. It is one of the land marks to tell me where I am and that I am close. It is only about 3 short blocks from the Guggenheim.

A picture of our last Zone Conference. We had Elder Causse with us. He is our General Authority here in Spain. He did the Zone Conference. We had 2 Zone together that day.

This is a quick picture of him. He and President and Hermana Clegg had to get to their next city for the other Zone Conference. We is a very remarkable man. Really gave the missionaries a lot of great ideas to improve their teaching.

My two daughters here in our Zone. Hermana Johns is from Blackfood and Hermana Fitches is from California. Hermana Fitches reminds me of Kylah so very much. She looks a lot like her and she has many similar traits. She makes me happy.

My hair is growing. I've had the back cut once and the front is growing also. I am trying to get it so I can bring it to one side and pull it behind my ears. I just don't want to pay what it cost here to get a hair cut every 5-6 weeks. It looks like my gray is showing, however, that is the light. I don't have any gray do I Kay? See our new refrigerator? I am so excited to have it. You can't even guess how excited I am. I love it. Nice Christmas present.


Teresa said...

Love all the pictures- fun to see what you guys are up to- and the spider is way interesting :0

heidi said...

those building looks very interesting looking. and that dog bush, lol! wow, your hair is getting long.

I want to see more pictures of you and dad together too!

love you bunches

Blondemom said...

I'm loving all the experiences, and what scenery... except I could do without the spider? what fun and great people you get to meet and have in Spain, I know both of have touched and will touch so many lives for the good, how can they ever forget Aunt Flows, Cinnimon rolls... Just kidding, but really... how?