Monday, November 30, 2009

Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley was a little boy and something fell on him and made him flat. But that is not all that bad, now Flat Stanley can be folded up and sent to different places to see the world in an envelop. Zach sent Flat Stanley to us to show him Spain. We have had a lot of fun with him. First we took a picture of him by Spain on the map in our office. We are on the top of the map on the middle right side. Can you see the little pink area? That is where we are. We are in Las Arenas. We are right next to Bilbao.
We took Flat Stanley on our walk one evening. It is dark out, so the pictures didn't show as much of the back ground as I wanted the to.
A picture of the night we took him for a walk. He got a little cold. He is over looking the river right next to our piso. It is so pretty with the light reflecting off the water.
This is where the cars get onto the Puente Colgante bridge that is right next to our home.
Another one over looking the ocean here.
This is a better view of the Bridge. The car right over the water, is where the people and cars ride to get across. He wanted to stank on the railing.

A little better picture of the bridge.

Flat Stanley wanted to ride the bridge car. You can see the people on the right taking their walk for the day.
We are by a little fountain. Not such a great picture of Grandma. Best I have.
Here we are. He came to work with me. His typing skills aren't the best. But we had fun and the Elders were really good to him. The red book is my Spanish book. Never very far away form it.
Here is Flat Stanley at Thanksgiving. His tummy is flat, so he didn't eat very much. We sure did, however.


Teresa said...

too cute-looks like stanley had a blast... wish I was flat I will mail myself to you- =)

heidi said...

i love it, so fun that they sent that to you.

i agree with teresa, can I be flat and mail myself to you too!