Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weekend with Winters

The Winters were here and we had a little get together with our friends. This is President and Hermana Hinckley and Hermana Julie Lund. All the dishes we served were truditional American. It was great. I made potato salad, Hermana Hadley made a really good jello salad, Hermana Lund did a great relish tray and Hermana Hinckley made BBQ beef. It was great.
Here are our friends the Winters. They look great even after being pick pocketed on their arrival to Barcelona. Welcome to Barcelona!
This is the rest of the group. Elder Hadley, Gary Dewie, Elder Lund and Hermana Lana Hadley. This is in our piso in case you didn't recognize it. Brother Dewie's wife works in Madrid. He usually goes there on weekends but was here then, so we invited him over.
From our balcony we over look a park. They play all sorts of games. There is a basketball court, Bocci Ball, swimming pool, ping pong, and there is a large area for little kids. The Swimming Pool is a private place where people go. I think they must have memberships there.
We are directly over two soccor fields. They play there a lot. Now that it is getting cooler, it is used for practice mostly. In the building right to the left. (All you can see is the roof) The far back part on the left corner is where our Chapel is. We don't have to walk very far to get to Church. That is really nice.
This weekend was a holiday of some sorts and all the parks had things going on. Ours had these little go carts that the kids drove. Or should I say, their fathers drove. At night there was a very loud band that played until 3:00am. We didn't get much sleep that night.
The other side had these air games or what ever they are called. There was no water like we usually see with these play areas. The kids were all having a great time. I think it is interesting how the people take advantage of these parks. I think it is because no one has a yard and that is where the kids play. The parks are always busy.

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heidi said...

I'm jealous of the Winter's which we could go visit you there!