Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sagrada Familia

The Sagrada Familia is an huge Cathedral that was started over a 100 years ago. They are still working on it. Now they pay for the work and construction from the fees that you pay to get into the Cathedral. This is what you see as you enter the building. The people in the middle are workers cleaning up after construction. This part will be finished a week after we were there.
One of the windows in the Cathedral.
I needed a picture of Delwyn in the Cathedral. This is looking to the left of the entrance inside.

A beautiful glass windown in the Cathedral.

They had a picture of Antoni Gaudi who is the architect of this buildind and many other buildings in the City. He has very odd taste, but he is very popular. I bought a bell to show you some of the designs he works.

In the back of the building on the outside. To really see it, make it larger on your screen. There are so many details that you can't get on camera.

This one is a closer one from the back. This building is huge.
From the front of the building on the right side. You can see on the top where they are still working.
This is a picture straight on. It is a very popular place. We had to wait in line for about a half hour before we could get in. This was the slow part of the day too. The only bad part was we were just 3 minutes late to go on the tour that took you to the top part of the building.
The top part of the front that I couldn't get with the one above.

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