Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Rombla

Down by the old part of Barcelona there is a street called The Rombla. It is just a wide walk way about 30 feet wide. There are many things to see and you can buy just about anything you might want, especially trinkets. Along the way there are a bunch of mimes. I took a few pictures of them. This guy changes directions every few minutes. He does it in a fun way.
Most of the people never move a muscle. I don't know how they don't just fall over an die. We have decided this guy must have a strong poll in that flat piece of medel on the ground and up through his arm and it is hocked to a seat of some sorts that he sits on.

These two I've seen many times and they have never moved or changed at all. You will notice a can in front of them. That is where you put your money.
This lady is fun. She works with the people and has a good time with them. When she does that, people give her more money.
This is a store that is along the street. This is a case of candy. They have everything from meats, fruit, veggies, fish, just anything you would get in a supermarket. It is all displayed like this. That candy really looks good. There are a few flys flying around though. We've never bought anything there, because it is more expensive than what you would pay at some other place. This is close to the Mediterranean Sea so there are a lot of tourists that come here.
I haven't seen her do anything but stand and smile.

These two are kind of scary. Every once in a while they will jump out at you. They scared a little boy one time and he wouldn't go near any of them anymore. I can't say that I blamed him one bit.

She never moves.

I put this picture in because we were walking on Saturday just to get some exercise. This is the biggest soccer stadum in at least Barcelona, maybe even Spain. If I remember right it seats at least 50,000. I'd like to go to a game while we are here. I couldn't get the whole thing in one picture. It is longer than it is wide.

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heidi said...

I love watching mimes, they're so crazy!