Friday, April 16, 2010

Our missionaries leaving

Power. This might not look like too much, but here are some of the best Elders you would ever want on a mission. From left: Elder Corbridge, Elder Rowley, Elder Moore, Elder Webb, Elder Stevens and Elder B. Hanson. Elder Corbridge and Moore were the two traveling Elders this past 6 weeks. They were teaching all the Elders great ways to contact people. In fact, Elder Corbridge wanted to do contacts all night long the night before he left. President said the Holy Ghost went to bed at midnight. I think they ended up contacting until then. We are very sad to lose these missionaries, but realize this is just the beginning of a great life for each of them. My sweet Hermana Rudder. We bonded from the first. Her Grandfather was President Washburn of the Phoenix Mission when Jace was an Elder in Phoenix.
Two of our Spain Hermanas ready to go home: Hermana Calderon and Hermana Sanchez. Hermana Calderon's Father works in the Madrid Temple. We would talk on the phone once in a while.
Hermana Miskin. What a darling missionary. We got to know each other while she was in Bilbao.
Here they all are for their final picture with President and Hermana Clegg. This was a very tender moment for them.
The final meal in the Mission Home for these missionaries. We realized we didn't have a dessert for this meal, so I made some Strawberry Short Cake. It was mighty fine if I say so myself. Probably my most favorite dessert. Strawberries are in season now, so why not?

If you remember the Hermana that could touch her nose with her tongue. Here she is again, Hermana Rudder. She is fun in everything she does. I love her.
I took this picture from the missionary lookout. You are viewing Las Arenas from on top of the lookout. This is where we live. Can't see our place because it is on the left behind the hill. But I think you would appreciate seeing Las Arenas.
On the lookout there is a play area. They love to get on the things and have fun. Here are my Hermanas. For one of the last times.
This is Elder Webb. He is from Gilbert, AZ. He is personality plus. We love to be around him. Also, one great missionary. He is supposed to call Chad when he gets home, for me.

The last line up. How very sad to see so many leave at once. This is their last memory of the Spain Bilbao Mission. That is why President likes to take them up here on the mountain.

A picture of Bilbao. Bilbao is just over the mountain from Las Arenas. You can see a park in the middle on the right. We have walked across that many of times. That is another favorite place for the people to do their daily walk. If you look close, right in the middle there is a white road. The high brown building right left of it, is where the Bilbao Hermanas live.
Another picture of Bilbao. In the middle bottom you can see one of the famous bridges here in Spain. They have very interesting bridges. It is red. To the right of the bridge is the famous Guggenheim Museum. We went there with Russ and Jen Perkins while they were here.
The day before all the Missionaries leave, President interviews each one. It was lunch time, so as always, we eat. Famous past time here. Thus, the weight gain. From left: Elders B Hanson, C. Hansen, & Webb. The Hermanas, Rudder and Miskin.
Elder Holmes our Financial Secretary getting his plate ready. Also Elder Stevens, Elder Rowley and Elder Hansen, our Executive Sec. with the big smile.
You have heard me mention the Pan here in Spain. These pieces have been cut in 3rds so you can tell how long they are. The Elders love to make sandwiches out of them. I'm not sure who's plate you can see. But he is getting it loaded up. Hermana Calderon in the back watching the Elders.
They are all hanging out waiting their turn for their interview with the President. Left: Harmana Sanchez, Elder Holmes hiding. Elders Rowley and B. Hanson. Sitting: Elder C. Hansen and crazy Elder Webb. Elder Stevens and Hermana Miskin and Rudder. The office was not quiet that day. Loved it and took out my hearing aids.
Mean while, Delwyn in his office working as usual. Does this remind you of home? Always working.
Monday the 12th Elder Moores father came in and surprised him. So the Elders made lunch for most everyone. Left: Elders Dredge and Woods our Assistance. Hermana Roerig who has been with Hermana Clegg because she can't walk on her foot much because of Tendinitis. Then our own Elder C. Hansen.

The other table had President Clegg, Hermana Clegg, Elder Corbridge and Elder Moore our Traveling Trainers, then Br. Moore. We went home for our lunch.
Another Day: We had another going away breakfast, which we have every transfer. We didn't lose anyone from the office, but we were losing our Traveling Elders. So anything for a good time to eat. Left: Elder Holmes, Elder Corbridge, and President. We were having Breakfast Burritos.
Elder Moore and Elder Woods getting ready to enjoy.
Everyone was hungry because they had to clean all the mission cars before they could eat. They were all so dirty. We don't have a good place to clean them here. So we took advantage of the Mission Home with all the cars. You can see the filling for the burritos.


Teresa said...

Love all the pictures....looks like the missionaries eat well there =)
It's so fun to see all that you do.

P.s. Heidi was such a big help this weekend at my spring event...."flo's Rolls" were a big hit....and Heidi was kept busy cooking all day...poor thing what a trouper.
Happy Day

James said...

This made us homesick for our mission office in Japan. Every 6 weeks we had Transfer Week and it was always such an emotional week, with many highs and lows. Also, lots of wonderful food. Thanks for sharing!!
Jim & Pat

heidi said...

looks like everything's good. yes, dad's always working, he always was at home for sure. lots of missionaries leaving i'm sure it's hard to see them go.

Danette said...

I'm sure missionaries leaving can be so exciting and sad! But what great missionaries they have been! Thanks for sharing all the great pictures, I love seeing where you are! love you!