Thursday, April 1, 2010

Aviles cleaning and trip home

Looks like I got my pictures backwards. But that's ok because I'll just tell you what they are. On our way home we went by Covadonga. This is a cathedral up in the high mountains here in Spain. Lots of windy roads getting there. Thought I'd lose my lunch. But I was just fine.
This first picture is Lago de la Ercina (Lago is lake) on the mountain. It seems pretty small to me, but maybe they don't have a lot of lakes here or just because it is up high in the mountain.
Here is Lago Enol. It is a little bigger and a very pretty drive.
Here is the Covadonga Cathedral on the mountain. It was raining and a bit cold. Delwyn looks like he is freezing.
Our sweet guides on all our trips lately, Elder Hansen and Elder Holmes in front of the Covadonga Chapel that is across from the Covadonga Cathedral. They take such good care of us. To get up to this little chapel, you have to walk through kinds of a cave and they won't let you take pictures or talk. We took these from the outside.
This is a fountain of good luck. One lady went down there and drank from every spout that was on it. There are about 10 of them.. I guess she wanted some good luck. It is right under the little chapel.
This is a close up of the little chapel.
Across the street from it.
Here is St. Pelavo. Someone told me they build these cathedrals where ever a St. sees the Holly Mary. I'm not sure. Or they become a St. after they see her. I wish I knew my history better.
HHere is the Covadonga Cathedral from the front. We went inside and walked around a bit. It was really cold. Maybe in the summer it would be warmer.
I like this view better. You can see the sides and it is very pretty and interesting. Not as much detail as some that we have seen.
On our trip up, we took this gorgeous view.
About a fourth the way up the mountain we looked at this beautiful view looking toward the ocean. There is a small Pueblo on the top left. (Small town)
We are in Aviles cleaning Elder Jackson and Elder Southwick's piso. On our walk there, I saw this building. I really think it was pretty. Not all building are this pretty. Lots of detail.
We ate at McDonalds again. This is a family that met us for lunch so they could see Elder Holmes. They really love him. What a great family. The girl between Me and Delwyn is Panky. She is 26 and she wants to come to the States and met Travis. There just aren't many men here that are very active. A lot more women. Certainly not enough to go around. Therefore, they marry out of the Church and quite a few go inactive. We need more Priesthood here in Spain.
Here we are in McDonalds. Elder Southwick, Panky, Elders Holmes and Hansen. The next two are Panky's little sisters. 1st on is Pierina and the next is Joselyn. Mari Sol is their mother. Elder Jackson and me. That is one bad picture.


heidi said...

wow! these really are some beautiful areas. I think it's a great idea for her to come meet Travis, does she know english? lol

Teresa said...

What fascinating places you the pictures. and what wonderful memories you are making.
Happy Day
Be safe
{you may need to be my tour guide someday....dream =}

Danette said...

I'm with Heidi!!! Bring her to meet Travis! She looks like such a doll - so cute! Love all the beautiful pictures. When you come home I can we have a slide presentation??? Would love that!

Darin said...

Covadonga... Brings back many memories. I wish I was there again! Darin

Monika said...

I love looking at the pictures. It's so cool to see you guys in them...kind of surreal. Fun to see/hear what you guys are doing.