Thursday, April 1, 2010

Madrid Temple

I didn't realize I hadn't put the Madrid Temple on our blog. So I am repenting and putting it on now. Went to Madrid from Provo to do residency papers. We pretty much slept the first day and the second day we did our papers. The above picture if from our window where we stayed. This is the garden right next to the temple. It is beautiful like all the other gardens by the temples. All the walk ways and flower beds are made of white marble. Every day or so, the missionaries that are in the CCM or MTC in Madrid have to clean them. It is a big job. They have a lot of pigeons here, also. They do this for their service project. How would you like that job?

Here is the beautiful Madrid Temple. With the small garden in the front of it. We went to the temple the first part of March, but it rained all the time we were there. The bus we were on, drove us to the parking lot under the CCM and we got out and walked over to the temple. After it was over, we had to hurry fast to get on the bus before it left. So no time for pictures and these pictures were better any way because the sun was out and it was beautiful.

This is the building that houses the CCM and the Temple President and his wife. The CCM President and his wife. Plus many other couples that are there in the temple and CCM. The missionaries are also housed here. This is where we got to stay while we were there doing our residency things. If I remember right, we were on the 4th floor. The CCM take up 2 floors.


heidi said...

wow, beautiful temple and grounds, i'm glad you repented so we could se that! love you jk

Danette said...

IT is so beautiful!! I'm glad you posted these pictures! And the grounds are amazing. How is the date on the picture 4-8-09, You weren't there in April? or does it mean Aug 4th? It is all so lovely!