Friday, February 4, 2011

Tossa del Mar

One day the water was off at the Mission Office and Mission Home, so President decided we should take a P-Day. So President and Hermana Hinckley took us to Tossa del Mar. It is a beautiful place north of Barcelona on the Sea. I got the pictures in backwards, so you have to go to the bottom to see the Fort on the hill. All of these pictures are taken from the inside of that Fort except this one and it is a shopping place where you could find anything you wanted for souvenirs. I wanted to buy some jewelry but I didn't know what I'd do with it at the time. This picture is of a local Church.

We went out to this pretty edge of the hill and had our pictures taken. It was a pretty day. Kind of cool, but not bad.
This was one of the yards up there and this was a big one. Most of the places didn't even have a yard. Everything is so well kept for being as old as it was.
Here is someones yard. I thought it was really pretty. Their home is right next to the walk way where everyone that goes there goes buy. I don't think I'd like that so much.
You can see how close all the houses are. Also the laundry hanging out to dry. That is close quarters, I'd say.
President and Hermana Hinckley along the walk way.
More of the houses and their yards. I thought that the trees were pretty keeping the sun off the house and patio.
We had lunch overlooking the sea and this is what it looked like as we walked away from our lunch place. The Hinckley's had a special lunch place overlooking the see with a round rock table and rock chairs. It was very fun to be there and listen to President and his stories about everything.
I'm not sure if this was part of a Church or just the fort. It is just old and interesting to me.
This is overlooking the Sea. It was so blue and calm. Perfect day to take a P-Day and have fun with great people.
On the hill just across from where the Fort is you can see all these pisos people rent out to tourists. It is just a quiet and peaceful place to be. President said it is one of his favorite because it is so quiet.
Here is the Fort as you look up at it from where we parked our car. It doesn't look like all those buildings could be in it, but they are. A lot of them are to the right side and you can't see them from here.

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