Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Delwyn's Birthday & Conference

On Delwyn's birthday, Hermana Hinckley and President bought Chocolate Neapolitanos for his birthday. After she had them in the office Hermana remembered he didn't care for Chocolate. She felt really bad. He was very gracious though. The rest of us really enjoyed them. I made a Carrot Cake for his birthday that we had after lunch that day. He ate the Carrot Cake.
Danette wanted me to take a picture of one of the pictures in a folder we got from Lleida of the tapestry the they had hanging on the wall. This is a picture of one of them. There were about 18 of them. They were about 10' x 18'. They were really huge. This was in an old Cathedral that they took over and made a fort for the army. They really ruined a lot of the Cathedral.
Our piso clean in Tarragona. We had the Elders take a picdture of one of the statues in the end of a street. It is a stature of a human ladder.
The two Elders that were in the City. Elder Close and Elder Mettice. Elder Close is Hermana Hinckley's nephew. He is the really tall one. We had cleaned their old piso and we helped them move into their new one. When the landlord checked out the piso after we had cleaned it, he said it was cleaner than when they moved in. One of the very few pisos that we got the deposit back.
When Elder Teixeira was in town, we had 3 Zones in town. The couple on the right is Elder and Hermana Thompson. They live in Manacor which is an island in the Mediterranean. We think President should let all the married couple have a retreat weekend on the island.


heidi said...

that's funny that Hermana got dad chocolate! You two look so great!!

Teresa said...

Happy belated birthday! What a wonderful time you too are having