Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some of my Missionary friends

This blog is more for me than anyone else, But I will share it with you. Monday some of the Missionaries came into the office to surprise us, that is why they are in their P-Day cloths. Here is Elder Cepeda from here in Spain. He doesn't speak English but we were able to communicate while we were cleaning his piso and we've been best of buddies since.
Elder Roldan also from Spain. A very special missionary. He was Branch President for a while.
Hermana Roerig from California. She was in the office for a while because her foot was giving her problems and she couldn't walk on it. That is all missionaries do in the field, walk.

Elder Dredge from Utah. He lives close to Gene and Lynda Belnap. Elder Dredge goes home next month and he has been one of our Assistance. He just left today to go to Madrid to help the President of the Madrid Mission know about our area and missionaries that are going to the Madrid Mission.
Elder Griotti from here in Spain. Another good looking cleaning buddy.
Elder Quinn from ARIZONA. Elder Quinn is one of the happiest people I have ever met.
Elder Woods, one of our Assistance, from Washington.
Elder Nye from Kaysville, UT. Because of Brian and Jackie we feel he is ours.

Elder McClanahan from ARIZONA. He goes home next week.
Elder Leon from Spain. His first area on his mission was real close to the office, so we saw him a lot. When he first got here, he couldn't speak English, now he does really well.

Hermana Sandoval from Spain. She has been in Bilbao, so we got to see her a lot. She is learning English, also. She told me what Spanish I say is really good. Friends for life!
div> Elder Strickland from Utah, also one of our past Secretaries in the office and friend of Carla and Trever Worth.
Elder Castellon from Spain. He always told me he loved me when we saw each other. Now I follow suit with him. What a sweetheart.

Elder Ciccio from Italy. Elder Ciccio has more energy in his little finger than I have at my best. I love to be around him. He is a great brake dancer, also. He was the Branch President after Elder Roldan.
Elder Driggs is from Utah. When we cleaned his piso, I found out he is a relative. His mother is a Kunz from Driggs, ID. He said this is a picture for geneology.
Two of my special Hermanas from Spain, Hermana Marin and Hermana Abellan. I think Hermana Marin has the most pretty eyes.
We had this special picture taken at the conference of all the AZ. Missionaries. Elder Quinn, Hermana Belnap, Elder Belnap, Elder Jackson, Elder McClanahan, and Elder Ashby.
Here we are all together for the last time. I was lucky to get this picture because they were having it done with Elder Holmes camera and giving one to everyone. I wanted one for my blog. They wouldn't have time for everyone to get their own picture. However, there was a missionary that had gone home who took this for me.


Teresa said...

How wonderful you all look....You both look so happy!
Thanks for sharing your friends with us.
Happy day

heidi said...

how fun to see all the missionaries you are with a lot, i'm glad you shared them.

Danette said...

I'm so glad you are doing this for yourself....because I LOVE seeing all the friends you have made. They are such great people! I hope someday we can meet the Elders from Arizona (and maybe Utah) in person to thank them for loving you like we do!!