Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Part of our mission ending pictures.

President and Hermana Clegg gave each of us a t-shirt with the map of Spain. Our mission is the
top part of it. They also gave each of us a ring with PRO on it which means, Pray, Read and Obey daily. Elder Holmes made a DVD of our mission and gave each of us one. That was also in the sack from the Cleggs.
These Elders sang "If The Savior Stood Beside Me". It was really great. Elder Pedersen, the one 4th from the right with the red tie on, sang a solo and he was really great. We have so much musical talent in our mission.
Marije (Mari Hay English way) She is Hermana Cleggs house keeper. She came out with us to help prepare our lunch. I really appreciated her help

We had a book made professionally for the Cleggs. It had all the missionaries picture and their feeling of the mission and the President. It was a really a nice book.
The last time the whole group would be together. You can't see the Hermanas, they are in back of the two Elders in the front on the right. This was a very sad time knowing we wouldn't see each other again for a long time, if ever.
This is the other side of the group. This day was definitely a happy - sad day for everyone. We really got to know and love all these missionaries. Cleaning their piso's was such a blessing for us. We love them.
Elder Howard and Elder Quinn in a Violin Duet. Elder Belnap was in 7th Heaven. He loves the violin. They were really great. They both sounded professional.
What would we do without crazy Elder Hansen in the office.
Elders Holmes and Hansen have been doing some cleaning out of things in the office. Elder Holmes made himself a dumby out of check receipts. He must have had a thousand check stubs that he had to shred. You can't see all that he had.


heidi said...

sad that they are closing the mission, i hope it transfers smoothly. i loved talking to you today. have a happy birthday mom and a happy fathers day dad!!

Danette said...

I thought about you on the day you had your last mission conference. I knew it would be bitter/sweet. Does your camera have a video option - I would have loved to have heard the song and the violin duet! Love you!