Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Loiolakok Basilica - Delwyn in hospital

I got the pictures in backwards. So you might go to the bottom and come up. It will make more sence.
As we were leaving, I saw this beautiful tree. I loved it and would love to take this home with me. I don't know what kind of tree it is, but I really liked it. Maybe Elder Hansen's dad would know what it is.
Right next to all of this, was this little creek running through town.
Here is a map of the Basilica. You can see the name on the top. Loiolako Santutegia.
On the outside looking away, was this pretty garden. It had rained that morning so the flowers were a bit droopy. I still liked it. You can see Elder Holmes in the back ground. Everything is so green and pretty here in this part of Spain.

This has to be a more modern statue. I don't know what it signifies but on the left, you can see two alters where someone could pray. Right in front of the alters is a tall cross.
Here we are in front of the cathedral. I have to have a picture of us, too. Above the door, they called this a Basilica. I wish you could see up close the different carvings.

Elder Hansen and Elder Holmes in front of the Cathedral Loiolako Santutegia. The is where they said the Order of Jesuit Priest came from. It was a holiday so we couldn't go inside. They said it has many pretty glass windows. Maybe we will have to try and go back. It wasn't too far from home.
Elder Belnap after the surgery. Doesn't look to bad for just having heart surgery. He has our bible in his hand. Our english/spanish dictionary, he is always learning something. The hospital is similar to the ones in the States, but ours are a lot nicer and have more things in them in case of an emergency. But we didn't have any emergencies and they did a great job. He is doing great. Sorry, I got these pictures backwards.
This is the first day that Delwyn was in the hospital. This is Nico, our auditor from England. He was stuck here in Las Arenas because of the volcano in Iceland. Poor man, he was here for a whole week doing nothing. So the last day he was here, he said he would stay with Delwyn while the Elders went to Zone Conference. I was there, but I don't speak Spanish so we needed someone who could interpret what ever the Dr. needed to tell us. As it was, Delwyn could understand a lot of it. But he did help us and it was nice having him there. After Delwyn's stress test they explained what needed to be done and that we should have the procedure done within 72 hours. We decided to leave the hospital and talk to Dr. Dye who is in charge of the missionaries and see what he said. They wanted Elder Belnap to go to the states for the surgery, but we didn't really want to and felt good about doing it here. After what he went through, we are really glad we stayed here. It would have taken us longer just to fly one way than the whole thing took here, including recovery. After it was over, Dr. Dye said they really know what they were doing and was impressed.
While we were there, a man went out and started spear fishing. You can see his red tank. We decided he was just learning. He had a hard time keeping his feet behind him and his tank on top of himself. It was fun to watch. I'm sure, if he knew we were taking pictures of him, he wouldn't have appreciated it.
I had to take a picture of the Elders. Elder Belnap probably thought, another picture. But I like to take pictures of Elder Hansen and Elder Holmes so their folks can see them once in a while. They are great Elders and they sure keep the office in order. They work really hard.
We took Elder Holmes and Elder Hansen to Makro on the 16th to get food for the week. We needed to do something different afterwards, so we drove out to the end of where we walk every day. The traffic was crazy, but we finally got there. This is what it looked like. Such a pretty day.


heidi said...

everything is beautiful, i agree, that tree is pretty as well. You know i love the pictures with you in them the most!!

Teresa said...

wonderful picture- so glad to hear that Elder Belnap is doing okay...scared us for a minute. =)

Danette said...

It really is beautiful! I'm so glad things worked out so great! I love that tree too, it is very unique. Probably wouldn't grow in Phoenix...
We loved our Skype call! I really hope they all went well! You have a wonderful Mother's Day - Love you!!