Monday, May 24, 2010

Elders Dredge and Holmes Birthday

It has been to long since I've put anything on the blog. We haven't done any traveling. And the pisos are all cleaned. But we had some birthdays. Elder C. Hansen had the first. I remembered that I should have taken a picture after the fact. There is a cute one on the Mission Blog.
Elder Dredge and Elder Holmes both had birthdays on the 22rd of May. Since I had given Elder Hansen a birthday dinner, I wanted to give one for Elder Dredge and Holmes. So I asked them what they wanted for their dinner. They came up with BBQ Ribs, twice baked potatoes, carrots, deviled eggs with brownie sundaes. I almost forgot this time to, but when we were almost done, I remembered. Here is the picture of the office troops. Hermana Clegg, President Clegg, Elder Belnap, Elder Woods, Elder Dredge, Elder Holmes, and Elder C. Hansen. Our kitchen and table is not very big. What you see, is what we have. The table actually seats 6. But we managed and had a great time.
Hermana said we needed one with me in one. The Birthday Elders, Dredge, Holmes and myself, Hermana Belnap. I really felt bad because President was on a diet, and all he could eat was protein, so he really didn't get very much.
After we were all done, President came in and surprised everyone with this spray goop. I think he should have sprayed more on them. He was very kind. I don't think any of us got any rib juice on us. We did really well. Elder Woods, Elder Dredge and Elder Holmes.
Elder Hansen was a huge help with the ribs. They came in one piece and they weren't trimmed at all. We had 2 pieces and I was really glad he helped me. Elder Holmes mom told me how he likes his carrots. They turned out really good. Thanks! Pretty much, everything was cleaned up.


Teresa said...

I love to see your interations with the Elders....
It's good to see you =)
Thanks for sharing

heidi said...

that sounds like a yummy dinner. I'm glad you got into the picture, I like to see you and dad the most!!

Danette said...

They are so lucky to have you there to cook these wonderful birthday meals!! The blessings of having the Belnap's! I'm so glad you were in the picture too! Not enough of my beautiful mom :-) Love you!