Monday, February 15, 2010

Logrono Trip - 2-12-10

Here is a beautiful farm house on a hill. Very typical to the homes here in Spain. There isn't much flat land for them to build their homes. But I think it is so very pretty.
Dad took these pictures, and I'm not sure if this is another view of the top picture or just another farm house. Still very picturesque.
Here is a mountain that is all rock. We are not sure if this is a stone crusher or just what it is. But it is amazing the mountains of just rock.
Here is a picture of us after we had cleaned 2 piso. Not really pretty. First the Elder with the hamburger in his mouth is Elder Harris. He will be going home in March. A really good Elder. Next to him going left is Hermana Huntsman. She has been out only a few months and is really becoming a great teacher. Her Spanish is really doing well. Next to her is, Hermana Rudder. Note the Idaho State sweat shirt. Her brother plays football for Idaho. She is from Nampa, ID. Then our great Elder Anderson, one of our secretaries for a couple more weeks. He is looking forward in getting out in the field. Any thing to get away from cleaning these pisos. Dad is cleaning his mouth. and then Elder Crocker. He too, has only been out about 7 months. Doing really a great job. Wish my Spanish was as good as his. He came here just 2 days before we did.

I have found someone else who can tough their nose with their tongue. Hermana Rudder. We sure don't look very cute, but we were having a lot of fun being crazy. Fun trip to Logrono.


Danette said...

It's official - you and Hermana Rudder are kindred spirits, cute - but I agree, although you are always cute, this may not be your best picture ever... hehehe. Looks like lots of fun - and I'm sure so much work!

I'm looking forward to some "before & after" pictures of all this work you are doing!

heidi said...

it's so pretty, and lol your picture with your tough to your noses, too funny!

i think danette had a great idea, take some before and after pictures of the piso's