Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Leon Elders & Vigo visits

Here is a cathedral in Leon. It isn't very big, but we were driving by and I took a shot of it.
Here we are cleaning the piso in Leon. They have 4 Elders living in here. It wasn't really to dirty, but we helped in the kitchen, what they hadn't done already. Elder Strickland, the Elder second on the left in white T-shirt, was one of our old Secretaries and knew what we were doing, so he had his companions clean before we got there. Delwyn did some fixing up. The Elders from left around are, Elder Hansen, Secretary, Elder Strickland, I'm behind Elder Strickland, Elder Pedersen, Elder Garcia, Elder Alverez, Elder Ciccio, Elder Carins in green, and Delwyn. Elder Alverez and Pedersen got a ride with us from Benevente after we cleaned their piso, to go to Leon for the rest of their P-Day. Elder Ciccio in the Branch President in Leon. Elder Garcia and Alverez will be going home this next week. They are all such good missionaries and the work is really going well in their areas.
We bought bread, ham, cheese, chips, and cookies for everyone to have lunch. They seemed be enjoy the few groceries we bought. In the back is Elder Ciccio, he loves to brake dance, and is always moving. I call him a monkey. He doesn't climb stairs, he jumps and hangs from a bar they have put on the top and he swings to the top. In this picture he jumped up just as the camera went off.

Elder Carins is from Scottland. It is fun to talk to him. I really have to listen to him to get what he is saying. The Elders said he can put on an American accent really well.
Elders Alverez, Strickland, Ciccio and Hansen doing their pose.
Elders Garcia, top, Carins, and Pedersen in their pose.
Here is the whole group waiting for the camera to go off. Not bad.

Elder Ciccio in his pose.
Now for Elder Ciccio's brake dancing. He is really good. He was up there for almost a minute.
Here are the girls in the Young Women. Sister Martin is next to me. She is 1st Counselor. Her sister, Sis Martin is the Young Womens President. She is in the middle on the bottom row. She went on a mission in the States. She was actually in Tucson and on Temple Square in SLC. She helps me with the language.

This last weekend, we were in Vigo. A very pretty place, however, It rained the whole time we were there so we didn't get to see much or take pictures. This one is from our hotel room. The sun came out for a minute so I took this one. The ride to and from (which was 6-7 hrs.) rain the whole time.

As we were leaving, we went by this statue of the horses. I did this as we were moving, so it isn't very good.
This is an Spanish tortilla. They are so very good. My next product I want to learn to make without burning it. All it is is eggs, onions, and potatoes. You have to cook it very slow.

Elder Garcia in front of the horse statue. I got this from Elder Anderson. It is a better picture.

I love this. Elder Anderson in front of the statue of fisher men. He is showing off his muscle's


heidi said...

looks like those elders had a good time while cleaning their piso. and that statue of the fisherman, those are seriously buff fishermen!

Flo said...
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Danette said...

That castle thing looks so amazing!! It looks pretty big from your picture, but from what you said, must not be... Love the pictures of the piso cleaning tour!The elders look happy and I'm sure they love having your help with things! Elder Ciccio should be an energetic father someday!! And probably raise busy children!

Is that all the YW in the ward? They are beautiful!

Teresa said...

Elders always have to be so silly. Love all the photo, especially the castle =)
When you get back would love to have you made us some of the great food you have learned to make. =)

Nilda Noel said...

I love that the elders are goofing off.