Friday, January 22, 2010

Travel to Pamplona and Burgos

This is on our way. I took this picture because it reminded us of I 10 on the way to California.
Thousands of trucks. We didn't see any Knight Transportation or Swift Trucks. But heavy traffic and most of it was trucks. They are important here also.
The pictures were all taken from the car because we didn't have time to stop. Nothing exciting, but it is our trip to Pamplona and Burgos. This is a small farming community. Everything is so clean and well kept

A pretty picture of a farming area. See how nice everything is kept.

Just last week, this was covered with snow. I was glad it was clear today.

I think it is so pretty. Everything is so green here even in December after a freeze and snow storm.

Along side of the road was this steel statue of a bull. Interesting. The Elders said they are all over the place. I don't know what for, but I'm going to try and find out.

Here, they love to build tunnels. They don't go around the mountain, they go through it. Even in town here. When you go through the tunnels, you have to turn your lights on or you could get a ticket. The tunnels are even lit up and not very long.

More pretty communities. Danette thinks I like these because I am from Montana. The hills in Montana are mountains. These are just rolling hills.

Poor Elder Anderson. He was tired. We will be losing him next transfer. He has been a great help for Elder Belnap in the office. He has helped me, also. Great Elder. He will do well in the field.

This is Elder C. Hansen. He is one of our new Secretaries who just replaced Elder Strickland. We enjoy him. He has helped me a lot on the computer. Mucho patience. Which I need.

Picture of the strip farming here. I don't know what they call it hear.

Just a picture of the clouds. It rained really hard when we left at 7:00am in the morning and our windshield wipers didn't work well at all. But, Elder Anderson got us there safely. We didn't have rain the rest of the day. We were happy about that because of the wipers. Most of our trip was in the dark. We left in the dark and we got home in the dark.

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heidi said...

it looks absolutely beautiful! sounds like you need your windshield wiper replaced, we wouldn't want you to not be able to see!!