Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Merry Christmas from Spain

Merry Christmas to all of you. We pray you had many blessing given to you. We sure did.
Our Christmas Eve dinner at the Mission Home. President and Hermana Clegg are always great hosts. They make every thing very nice and they are so loving and kind. Just before we dug in.
While they were waiting, Hermana Clegg got a puzzle. They were really having fun. They did get the border in before we ate. From top going left. Elders Anderson, Hansen, Dredge, President Clegg, Elder Strickland, and Elder Ashby.

Elder Dredge is looking up this time. Boy we have good looking Elders. They were really hard at the puzzle here.

Do we look ready to dig in. Everything was really good. Everything was supper good, as the Elders would say. We had a huge turkey that Hermana Clegg bought. But she paid a lot less then I did for our Christmas turkey. Live and learn. We are still eating from it. I plan on using every morsel of it.

No one went hungery. Plenty food and we eat just about everything. Hermana did send some stuff home with me and so the Elders came to our piso on Sunday and we finished it off. Elder Ashby in the back with the gravey.

Do we look like we are enjoying this or what. The salad was like our spinich salad but she also put some lettuce. Way good.

We took a picture of our Christmas tree and presents before we opened them. We had a great time. The white thing on the left is our Refrigerator. We got it early, and love it, but we say we got it for Christmas also.

This is another Christmas tree on our shelf. The lights were from a battery. They went out real soon and they use C batteries and we can't get them here. But it was really pretty.

I got a new table cloth for Christmas. I think it is really nice. It sure makes our table look better. How do you like our Christmas breakfast? I believe it is Special K. The Rio is our milk. Which we don't have to refrigerate until we open it. They last in the box for 3-4 months. The other box is Juice. That too doesn't need refrigeration until it is opened. Quite convenient. The milk isn't all that great. Not bad when you put it in things. And in the cereal it is ok too, porbably because of the sugar. I don't mind it. Not good just to drink though. So Delwyn always has juice instead of milk for breakfast.

On Christmas day, Dad and I went for our walk. This time we crossed the river. You can see the bridge at dads head. We got to ride the tram. First time. Now we are looking towards our piso instead of away from it. It was such a beautiful day. Many people were out, also.

This looks like the same picture with out Delwyn.

When we got back, our turkey was done. So we finished cooking and getting things ready. Doesn't look like much. But for 2 people, there was more than enough. 2 rolls, dressing, (Which I made out of their pan here, it was probably the best I've ever made) corn, gravey and turkey plus mashed potatoes. At the end of the day, we got to go to the office and talk to our kids on Skype. Ohhhhhh so fun. We were going to talk 20 min. a family. Ended up way longer than that. I loved every minute of it. Then, the next Wednesday, we got to talk to Chad and his family. On Saturday Jan, 2, we got to talk to Delwyns mom on her 92nd birthday. Also, Lynda Belnap, Gene was sick, Brian and Jackie, Rey and Deaun, and Blair and Vicky plus a few of the kids. Way fun. I love this Skype.

Here is a picture of our present Danette gave us. Two aprons. Mine says, "Boss of the Kitchen" and Delwyns says, "Assistant of the Kitchen". I think it is very appropriate. This picture was at the end of the day. I really look bad, it must have been a busy day or just a bad hair day. My hair is getting better. I still don't look great. I think this mission is making me old or something. I guess I can't blame the mission, it is great.


heidi said...

oh it looks like a fun and enjoyable chirstmas. Not exactly the breakfast we're use to the men making christmas morning is it! I love the apron's danette is so clever. love you let's plan a skype call soon, i'm missing you already!

Teresa said...

It was fun to read and see what you Christmas was like- you guys look great!
Thanks for sharing all the pictures

Danette said...

I love all the pictures and the explanation of the holidays!! It is interesting the difference in daily life and holiday life!

I'm with Heidi - let's schedule a skype call soon. It is funny, I knew I missed you, but seeing your faces - I miss you more! Mostly I'm so proud of your service and example! You both look awesome! I'm so glad the aprons work!

Jocosa said...

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m said...

Hey - I remember Vitoria. I was there in the '80s. I had some work to do at a local Nuclear Power Plant - Santa Maria del GaroƱa.

Two things I remember about Vitoria (besides meeting some very nice people there):
1. I had to teach a local hamburger place how to make real hamburgers - not mayo burgers, but real MUSTARD burgers.
2. A group of young men drove up beside me in a convertible. They looked at me and said "American?". I responded to them in Spanish, saying - "Yes - Spaniards?". Their response was solemn and without hesitation. "No, we are Basque". It was a very serious faux pas on my part. I agreed with them and left.

Mike Stapley