Sunday, December 13, 2009

Breakfast and cookies

We have a sweet lady in our Ward who's daughter is getting baptized in a month and she wants to invite her friends from School to the baptizm. So she asked the Elders if I would teach them to cook something in English. So we decided to do Sugar Cookies. I didn't want to take everything over to the church, so I had them come to my little piso. The 3 Elders in the back were my interpreters. However, they didn't get there until it was almost over. But we managed. The girls are taking some English in school. So between their English and my Spanish, we got the job done. I wish I knew their names. The Elders were Elder Strickland, C. Hanson, and Anderson.
Elder Anderson go there just before the other Elders. At first, we made the dough. Put it in the refrigerator and took out some that I had done the night before. The Man was one of the Fathers. I was impresses that he came to be with his girl.

They were very intent with the frosting. I make some red and green. First they put the red frosting on and then with the green they wrote their names.

After they had the frosting done, I gave them some sprinkles. They really loved that. My little piso was really full.

There was a mother there also, but I'm not sure why she wasn't in the picture. There were 8 girls and 2 adults.

One of the little girls was in the bathroom when this was taken. They were really well behaved. If I'd have had them from USA it would have been really hectic around there.

This was our breakfast for Elder Moore. He is the one on the right in the back with his head up. He has been one of the Assistance. He now finishes his mission in the field. Elder Dredge is the one with the (1987) T-shirt on. We really get close to these young men. The people are. President Clegg, Elder Strickland, Anderson, Dredge, Ashby, Moore, Hermana Clegg, and Delwyn. We had French Toast, potatoe and onions, cheesie eggs and bacon. We really enjoy those meals from home.


heidi said...

wow, it looks like your piso was very full! but how fun, it's like you are right back at home teaching young girls how to cook!

Teresa said...

How sweet- I'm sure the girls loved every minute of it.
Love hearing what you do.
Happy Day

Darin said...

Belnaps: I continue to be extremely jealous of your mission and the experiences you are having. How I would love to be there with you in that wonderful country amongst those wonderful people! Thank you for sharing your experiences; they bring back many fond memories for me.

Darin Perkins

Danette said...

This is so wonderful! You are doing such a great service to the people of Spain. I love you and I'm so proud of you!!!