Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Branch Christmas Party Dinner

We went to the Bilbao Ward Christmas Presentation. It was very good. We got a couple of pictures before they told us we couldn't take any pictures. This picture, however, is down town Bilbao. You can see a few of their Christmas lights. Not quite like home, but they were pretty.
Saturday night after our baptism, we went to the Branch Christmas Dinner. This is the first course. We had two rolls of ham, 2 asparagus (they are white here) a salmon spread, liverwurst, and 3-4 shrimps, with their eyes looking at us. I wish I would have gotten a closer view. Plus we had bread and hard slices of bread for the spreads. I liked it all. Dad, not so much for the shrimp. The second course was Spanish Tortilla and more ham. The Tortilla is made with potatoe, eggs, onions, garlic, salt and pepper. Cooked real slow. It is very good. For dessert, they had 3 different kind. One was a layered Chocolate cake, Something they call Cheese Cake. It was very good, but not our cheese cake, and ice cream. We were really full after it was over. They kept coming around asking if we wanted more. They drink Pepsi and Coke here a lot. You can see the Pepsi bottles on the tables.

You can see most of the people that were there. You can see dad and I in the back left. There must have been 80 people there. But they had a lot of food.

This is a table of the young adults. Some in the back are married. The three girls on the left are sisters. Really cute girls. Also, the girl that has a man between them, is also one of the sisters. The man is her husband. The second girl on the left went to Temple Square on her mission. The girl on the end is engaged to the man just across from her. Next to her is Paro (Peter) he went to New York on his mission. The Older couple next to him is our Branch President, President Costillon and his wife.

Elder Ashby and two recient converts, Very strong. The Man is really amazing. The Sister was just baptized just before the dinner. Her name is Annebell. She is from Equador. The mans name is Ronald.

Our table. Elder C. Hansen is our new Secretary in the office. He is the one on the left. Elder Ashby is one of the Assistance.

This is the tables for the young kids. They ate very well all by themselves.

Here is the table of the teenagers. They were having a great time and loved me taking their pictures.

Sunday Night we went to Bilbao for their Christmas Program. Here are a few more pictures before they told us to stop. It looks like I got this one in twice. I wanted the picture of all the young kids on the left. That is where the sheep are

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heidi said...

looks like it was a fun and successful night! love seeing the pictures with you two in them!