Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pictures from the mission ~ Danette

When I did a goggle search to make sure friends/family could find this blog - I found the mission blog. On that blog I was able to download some really fun pictures I thought I would share....

Delwyn and Flo with President & Sis Clegg their mission president/wife.

Delwyn and Flo with their mission district.

This is Flo's receptionist desk!

Delwyn at his assigned computer area.... having a good time!

Flo and Delwyn visiting with some other missionaries.

The Bilbao Spain mission is truly blessed with Flo's ability to cook GREAT FOOD for LOTS OF PEOPLE!! Here is cooking for zone conferences.

And of course - where Flo is... so are her famous cinnamon rolls. Now it is official - Flo's cinnamon rolls are world famous!! (We always knew they would be!)


heidi said...

yahoo mom and dad. i was so excited that danette found the clegg's mission blog because it was so fun to ACTUALLY see pictures!! just joking i'm glad you got your piso pictures up.

Teresa said...

What fun to see them in action =)

Nilda Noel said...

I'll be ready for some world famous cinnimon rolls when you return ;-)

b said...

You are both amazing... Don't tell Delwyn I said that