Friday, September 18, 2009

hi from Spain

President and Hermana Clegg took us to Santander one Sunday when they had to do some business. After, we had a picnic, or ate our lunch by this beach. We figured we had better not get any closer than this. It was windy but way beautiful. Very clean.

President and Hermana Clegg.

Of course, here we are also.

This is a picture of a light house. It was on the peninsula right behind the beach.

One of our great secretaries that is going back into the field. He was so patient and great to work with. His name is Elder Barber.

We fed the office secretaries and assistants breakfast. Kind of a going away for Elder Barber and Elder Bingham. Elder Ashby is the one with the spatula. Elder Andersen, is one of the secretaries over finance. Elder Ashby is from Mesa.

Here are our secretaries, Elder Barber is in the middle. He left us. Elder Andersen on the left and Elder Strickland, (over resident cards, etc. He has helped me a lot) on the right. That is their office behind them.

Here is our going away breakfast for Elder Bingham. (He is in the center back with the dark blue jogging outfit on) He was one of the assistance's. The couple on the left are the Burtons from Bountiful. They were here for the weekend visiting the Cleggs. Elder Andersen in the middle and Elder Strickland on the right.

President Clegg and Elder Ashby our new assistant from Mesa.

Delwyn, Elder Ashby, President and Hermana Clegg and our other assistant Elder Moore.

Here is some more fun information about the area we live -
The red building on the left, in the middle, is our piso. Ours is the balcony on the left, second floor from the top. We are on the third floor. You can see how the building are, close. All the floors above the 1st ones , are pisos or condos.

This is the famous Puente Colgante bridge close to our piso. You can see the tram better here. You can see the people in the side cars. In the middle you can kinda see the back of a car. They carry 4-5 cars at a time.

This is the famous bridge, Puente Colgante. It is the first bridge of its kind. This bridge, you can either walk on the top to get across the river or down below, in the back, you can see a tram that hangs down form the top. It carries cars, people or what ever across.

This is only 2 or 3 short blocks from our piso. They also have many activities on the other side I would guess similar to the Cricket Pavillion at home. We can hear it from our piso. Also, they do fire works for any holiday, which they have many, and we can see them from our window. Quite fun. But the fireworks go on until midnight or 0ne in the morning. Pretty loud. You can see Delwyn in the left hand corner. The picture above, shows a good picture of the tram that carries car, people,etc.


Danette said...

Wonderful pictures!! Looks like a cool place to visit and explore! So.... when does Elder Ashby come home? I will have an available daughter next year - or let him get a couple years of school in and then it would be perfect!=) All those missionaries are cuties! I'm sure working in the mission home you are working with the best.

Teresa said...

Love all the pictures! your area looks great.
What an adventure you are on. =)

Bethany said...

Great pictures!

heidi said...

how amazing! love all the pictures, especially of the area. to see where you live and what's around!!