Sunday, October 18, 2009

More of our walk

We had the Elders over for lunch one medio dia. After it was all gone. There was only a little bit of pan left. They are looking at it like, "that is all' It was fun.
This is a pretty little fountain we see.
You see only a few people on the walk now. But usually the sidewalk if full.
Few more of our friends. You can see the back of Delwyn. See the walk extend into bay there. That is part of our walk.

This is a little round about that we walk around. This is the part that extended into the bay.
I am taking a before picture of where we will be walking. We go along the ocean all the way around.

This is a small beach we go buy. No one was out today. It is getting cold. We have seen some topless ladies here. I tell Delwyn to turn his head.
They are making our walk larger. Now it is very crowded. There are walkers, runners and bikers along this small path.
We are now at the turn in the walk way. This is a pretty house with nice landscapeing.

More landscaping and homes. I'm not sure if these are pisos or single dwellings.
More pisos.
I took this picture on our way back. What I think is interesting, is how close these buildings are to the ocean.
...Our walk


Bethany said...

It looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing little lady!!

heidi said...

how beautiful. Thanks for taking us with you on your walk!!

Teresa said...

Beautiful! Are you sure you guys are on a mission? Looks like a honeymoon setting to me..=)
Thanks for sharing.

Monika said...

Wow, that's so pretty! I'm proud of you, Mom, for taking pictures! Has the blog inspired you? Love you!