Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm here - (Flo)

We are doing really well here in Spain, the language is still very slow. I want to put some pictures we have taken.

This is our living room on the left and our dining table on the right.

You can tell - this is our bedroom.

Then there is our bathroom it is pretty big. Delwyn and I can be in there at the same time with no problem.

This is the kitchen.

On the very right, you will see a towel hanging. Just to the right of that is a cupboard, that is my refrigerator. Then along the back wall, there is a cupboard on the bottom, just left of the sink. That is my washing machine. Directly above that is a long cupboard, that is the water heater. Pretty compact. My refrigerator is the size of the ones you see in motels. So can't buy to much ahead of time. We only have once sink in the kitchen. That makes it hard to wash and rinse the dishes, but we get the job done.

This is our laundry facility. We have a washing machine, but no dryer. So I have to iron most things.

In this picture you can see the pisos across the street. It can't be 10 yards away from our piso. There is also a oneway street between us. They park on both sides of the street and there is room for only one car to go through. The sidewalks are small. If you have to use an umbrella, you have to walk single file.

The piso is small, but it only takes me about an hour to clean. Dad vacuums and I do the rest. It is really great. All of the floors are hard wood. We have a square carpet in the living room, and one the same size under the table. They are really dirty. Wish Chad or Jace was here to clean it. Last night, I walked from my bedroom to the living room. It was 12 steps. Where the laundry is, is our little balcony. We can over look the street. There are no screens on the windows, and you have to have the windows open or you die of heat. It isn't really hot here, but it is pretty humid. I just need some movement and I am very comfortable. It has taken me a long time, with dads help, and others etc, and we are blogging. Thanks to Danette, we have some posts on our blog. I thought I had more pictures down loaded but I didn't so I'll do more next week.


Danette said...

Thanks for posting pictures of your piso!! It is fun to see where you are staying. Don't forget we'd love pictures of our favorite missionaries! =)

Teresa said...

Yes, pictures are great. how fun to see where you live. It looks very modern, I had it in my mind that everything would be ancient =)
"Be safe and don't forget to follow all the rule." {something I always say to our kids on their missions. =)

heidi said...

yeah! pictures, and your very first post. great job mom, can't wait to see more.

Blondemom said...

Love the pictures... You guys sound like you are doing so good, new changes and lots of things to learn and see! this probably feels like back in the day at college... What a great example you guys are! keep up the good work!

Nilda Noel said...

I too loved seeing the pictures of your piso. Thank you for sending the link today. Love you!

Jim and Pat said...

We are finally in a mode to take the time and read your blog. Boy, it sounds like a replay of a lot of what we did on our mission!! Love your piso--we did have a bigger fridge and didn't have to shop more than once a week. I am so happy to be reading about your mission!! Thanks for picking up the banner and carrying on!!!!! Love you--Jim & Pat